ww2 british planes

Although no combat sorties took place at the height of the aerial battles, No. 1941. [60], The Fiat CR.42 was a biplane fighter used by the Italian Air Corps (Corpo Aereo Italiano).

Hawker Hurricanes (“Hurricane”) were born out of the British evolution of rugged and durable air fighters. III radar. The Stuka depended on air superiority, the very thing being contested over Britain. There are a total of [ 161 ] WW2 British Aircraft (1939-1945)entries in the Military Factory. The fixed-gun fighter with guns firing ahead can only realise these conditions by attacking the bomber from dead astern...[55]. The ‘‘Tiffy’’ earned a hard-won reputation as an excellent tactical support aircraft. The Mark X had upgraded Hercules engines of 1,770 horsepower, pushing its top speed over 300 mph. These features not only reduced drag but maximized the fighter’s maneuverability. The Hurricane is given primary credit for the RAF victory in Battle of Britain, racking up more kills than its partner the Spitfire. The Hurricane’s first Merlin engine provided the plane with 36,000 ceiling limits, and the capability to reach 325 mph at mid elevation range. Fabric. [citation needed]. Some battles were fought almost entirely in the air. Fabric bodies were easier to make and repair than metal ones. Although designed with the newest propulsion system, the technology was still in its infancy and resulted in the Meteor barely faster than Britain’s piston Spitfire and difficult for RAF pilots to fly. Its bomb carrying capacity was also limited to 2,205 lbs. [45] The power was increased by 20% over that of the DB 601A, to 1,260 hp at 6,900 feet (2,100 m) at 1.35 atm boost pressure and 2,400 rpm. The Spitfire heralded victories in almost all major campaigns, including Normandy, Battle of Britain, South Africa, Italy, Malta, and the Far East.
", "10/282 Minutes of Oil Policy Committee meetings.". The plywood Mosquito was a serious challenger for the title of most versatile aircraft of World War II. Continue Scrolling to See Additional Entries. Flying from escort carriers, late-model aircraft with radar persistently hunted U-boats in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and northern waters. On entering combat in August this first cannon armed Spitfire failed to create an impact, with the guns often jamming and unable to fire. The Emil was smaller than either RAF fighter, and it was more difficult to land and take off than the Spitfire and Hurricane. The 199 Spitfire Ia models constituted not quite one-third of the RAF’s frontline fighter strength.

Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z).

The prototype, first flown in October 1937, was powered by four 1,065 hp Pegasus radial engines. She was large for a fighter, with a wingspan of just over 54 feet and a total length of just over 42 feet. [citation needed] It is not known for certain if an additional number of Macchi C.200 Saetta monoplane fighters escorting formations of Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero medium bombers ever participated in the Battle. Nearly 2,400 of the type were constructed, and one of the many ironies of the Swordfish’s career is that it outlived its intended replacement, Fairey’s closed-cockpit Albacore.
Although efficient against many aircraft, the small calibre bullets were often unable to penetrate the armour plating which was being increasingly used in Luftwaffe aircraft to protect crew and vital areas. There are a total of [ 29 ] WW2 British Transport Aircraft (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. The curved plexiglass windscreen however was very bad optically and caused considerable distortion, which made long-distance visual scanning difficult. Halifaxes dominated RAF Bomber Command’s No. During the Normandy campaign, RAF squadrons committed a monthly average of not quite three hundred Mosquitos. [26][27] A memorandum by the "Department of Defence Co-Ordination", 'Proposals for securing adequate supplies of 100 octane fuel to meet war requirements', 23 December 1938, noted that there was a need to increase supplies of 100 octane fuel and discussed ways in which this could be achieved. Of the four types of bomber used by the Luftwaffe the Ju 88 (the original Schnellbomber) was considered to be the most difficult to shoot down.

The new fighter was committed to combat sooner than it should have been, but by late 1942 it was successfully defending British airspace from Luftwaffe hit-and-run raids.

However, only small sized 50 and 70 kg bombs, up to a total weight of 1,400 kg, could be carried internally, while larger bombs had to be carried on external racks, causing considerable drag.

The Lancaster evolved from the Avro firm’s ill-fated Manchester to become one of the great bombers of World War II. The Mark I entered Royal Navy service in 1936 and appeared little different from most carrier planes of its day—an open-cockpit biplane.

The Hurricane was a fighter plane with a top speed of 550kph (340mph). It was the most numerous German bomber type during the Battle, and was capable of delivering 2000 kg of bombs to the target, carried in an internal bomb bay – usually eight 250 kg bombs, stored vertically.

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