who is the father of tori's baby home and away

[6] McNamee initially thought Tori had been written as a "Doctor Death" character, as her early storylines saw the characters she came into contact with die, lose limbs, or have bad events happen to them. [22] Producers then introduced new surgeon and Tori's former boyfriend, Riley Hawkins (Ryan O'Kane), to the storyline, as he steps in to perform the operation. Willow gives Boyd the money and Ava is returned to Justin. When Tori finds a needle mark on his arm, she believes that someone has harmed Nate to get to her. [23] McNamee said Tori becomes "flustered" by Duncan's advances, as she has feelings for Nate, but he is the less complicated option. [28], Writers soon implemented a break up for the couple, and began a second love triangle for Tori. He is worried when she admits to telling Nate that their parents are dead, as he does not want Nate looking into it. For her portrayal of Tori, McNamee has received nominations for the Logie Award for Best New Talent and the Inside Soap Award for Best Daytime Star. [55] However, Robbo admits that the miscarriage has made him reconsider the idea of having a baby with her and he says that he cannot put himself through it again. McNamee commented, "Tori is still wary of Nate, but can't deny her feelings. [4], Tori is the second eldest Morgan sibling and a successful doctor. Justin is captured when he returns home to collect a USB stick containing evidence against the syndicate. [68] They added that Justin and Scarlett would "make a beautiful couple. [62], In February 2018, Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy included Ash and Tori's on-off relationship in his feature on "7 soap storylines that are past their sell-by dates". Their first date, a meal at Salt, does not go according to plan when they realise that some of the locals are watching them, Ash's drink is knocked over, while Tori receives an emergency call. The cast spent 12 hours filming in sand dunes and the heat, which McNamee described as fun, but "hard work". Dean is a member of the show's fictional criminal gang The River Boys, with which Willow also has connections. When Justin tracks her down, he stops her from getting beaten by Boyd Easton (Steve Le Marquand). "[25] Phoebe and Justin continue to spend time together. [29] Phoebe also admits that she has been hurt by the break down of her parents' marriage. As he and Tori work alongside each other at the hospital, Nate becomes jealous that Tori has history with another man. For his portrayal of Justin, Stewart received a nomination for Best Daytime Star at the Inside Soap Awards. They have different interests and different personalities, but they both want the same things out of life. "[54] Tori miscarries the baby, and while she is devastated, she wants to try again as soon as possible. The following day, they agree that it was just a bit of fun, but they soon have sex again. Home and Away spoilers: Are Ziggy and Dean slipping into the friend-zone? [22] Justin is rushed to the hospital in a serious condition, as he has lost a lot of blood. [3], She is protective of her brothers and often puts them first over everything else, which has affected her romantic life. "[29], Tori's former boyfriend, surgeon Riley Hawkins (O'Kane) was introduced in early 2017. "[2] Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) tries to find out more information about her, after he learns that she is looking for a four-bedroom house. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. [59] He was longlisted for Best Daytime Star at the 2017 Inside Soap Awards. [35] When both dates come to an end, Tori and Ash argue before he kisses her. Tori finds an unconscious Justin and calls him an ambulance. [57] Ebony blackmails Justin into paying her $30,000 to keep the case out of court. Both Justin and Kat are suspicious of her and they later learn that she is working for the drugs syndicate. Scarlett spends time with her husband, leading Justin to realise that she is still in love with Caleb. The pair do not get off to a good start, as Willow attacks Justin. Readers of TV Week voted the character as their favourite Morgan out of her and Justin. [13] McNamee told Cromarty (TV Week) that Tori is aware that there are people out there who want to hurt her family, but this is the first time she has been physically assaulted. They share one last kiss, before he leaves. [11], Guest character Spike Lowe (Jason Montgomery) was soon introduced to the storyline. [51], In April 2019, writers established a casual relationship between Justin and Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou). Both siblings are scared as Ranae threatens to kill them both, before going after Brody and Mason. The character was introduced to the show along with her three brothers; Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood), Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger). [36], After Ash and Kat's relationship ends, Tori tells her friend Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) that she is not interested in pursuing Ash, so Leah encourages Tori to go on a date with another man, leading Tori to arrange a date with policeman Colin (Ben Barber), who she meets in the queue at the diner. [42] Johnathon Hughes of the Radio Times observed that Willow seemed to "have made an impression" on Justin, as he does not want to report her to the police. [8] As Tori continues to treat the victims of the explosion, she realises that she feels "at peace" in the Bay and believes that she can settle down there. McNamee explained, "Tori's brothers aren't there and she hasn't quite figured out if they, as a family, are going to stick around. "[52] Stewart agreed that they shared similarities, and he thought that it was an "obvious move" getting the two characters together. Ash admits that he and Kat do share a secret, but it could put Tori in danger, leading her to end the relationship. "[45], Justin's romantic relationships have attracted commentary from critics. [39] After spending the day together, the pair almost have sex. He also believed a moment from the previous year, in which a drunk Justin made a romantic advance towards Leah, was the producers' "testing the waters" for the relationship. Home and Away spoilers: Tori tells Robbo a dangerous lie about the baby. [25] During a feature on the top Aussie soap moments of 2016, a TV Soap columnist wrote, "Romance on Home and Away was at fever pitch in 2016 and no one was more aware of that than Tori. Spike and Blaine hold the family hostage at gunpoint. [23] Shortly after her arrival on UK screens, a Sunday Mail reporter observed that Tori "hasn't been around for long but has already been involved in pretty much everything. The storyline saw the family held hostage, threatened, and involved in a plane crash. [12] Brody later reveals that he is being followed and Justin thinks the family need to leave the Bay immediately.

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