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[40][56] Burnett explained that the plane had been hijacked by men claiming to have a bomb. [122] Jurors for the Zacarias Moussaoui trial heard the tape as part of the proceedings and the transcript was publicly released on April 12, 2006. On entend également des bruits de dispute et de supplications dans le cockpit entre un terroriste et une hôtesse de l'air, probablement Deborah Welsh, avant qu'elle ne soit tuée par Saeed al-Ghamdi, ce dernier disant en arabe à Jarrah à 9 h 37 : La FAA fut informée du détournement du vol 93 à 9 h 34. And I told her, 'Don't worry, they hijacked the plane, they're gonna take you for a ride, you go to their country, and you come back. On the morning of September 11, 2001, passengers board United Airlines Flight 93 bound for San Francisco at Newark Liberty International Airport. It crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, during an attempt by the passengers and crew to regain control. I just want to tell you how much I love you. ", possibly referring to using the food cart. It was headed toward the school, which panicked me, because all three of my kids were there. », « Je dois y aller.

[27] Thirty-five seconds later, the aircraft made another transmission. Il n'y a aucun survivant. Give it to me!

Le New York Times avait, deux mois auparavant, fait état d'une lutte sauvage et désespérée dans la cabine de pilotage en citant le même type de source. [124] Congressman Bill Shuster introduced a bill to this effect in 2006,[125] and they were granted on September 11, 2014.

[48] At this moment, it recorded Jarrah announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain. [61] When the hijackers veered the plane sharply south, Beamer briefly panicked, exclaiming, "We're going down!

2004. "[68] Jarrah dialed in the VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) frequency for the VOR navigational aid at Reagan National Airport at 09:55:11 to direct the plane toward Washington, D.C.[36] Bradshaw, on the phone with her husband, said "Everyone is running up to first class. "[68] Jarrah dialed in the VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) frequency for the VOR navigational aid at Reagan National Airport at 09:55:11 to direct the plane toward Washington, D.C.[36] Bradshaw, on the phone with her husband, said "Everyone is running up to first class. [11] While there, he met with al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in January 2000. Le vol 93 devait décoller à 8 h 00 mais du fait du fort trafic le 11 septembre, il ne reçut la clairance pour être poussé qu'à 8 h 01. ", "Flight 93 voice recorder found in Somerset County crash site", "Families say Flight 93 tapes prove heroism", "Senate considers medals for Flight 93 victims", "Bill Would Award Medals to Those Killed on Flight 93", "Medals mulled for 9/11's Flight 93 victims",, "Four Years On, a Cabin's-Eye View of 9/11", "Flight Number Flub: United/Continental Accidentally Reinstates Flights 93 and 175", "Bad Mistake: United Revives Sept. 11 Flight Numbers", "Unions slam United for mistakenly reinstating 9/11 flight numbers", "9/11 mystery: What was Flight 93's target?

[151] This design ran into opposition over funding, size, and appearance. LeRoy Homer n'a cependant jamais répondu à ce message. Beware any cockpit intrusion—two a/c [aircraft] hit World Trade Center. Pour que le réalisateur puisse saisir la crainte et l'hostilité entre les deux groupes, les acteurs interprétant les pirates de l'air et ceux interprétant les passagers furent placés dans des hôtels différents, ne prirent pas leurs repas ensemble et n'effectuèrent aucune activité commune en dehors du tournage. "[48] Jarrah once again pitched the airplane up and down. He repeated the message one minute later. Sa femme l'informa des attaques contre le World Trade Center. Ce vol transcontinental quotidien d'United Airlines reliait l'aéroport international Liberty de Newark, près de New York, et l'aéroport international de San Francisco en Californie.

Ziad Jarrah called his girlfriend, Aysel Sengün, from a public telephone at the airport, repeating the words 'I love you' over and over. Ed Ballinger envoya au vol 93 un dernier message ACARS à 10 h 10 : Le Herndon Command Center alerta à 10 h 13 la FAA que le vol 93 s'était écrasé. [115] The remains and personal effects of the victims were returned to the families. Ghamdi et Nami furent les premiers des terroristes à enregistrer leurs bagages à 7 h 03 à l'aéroport international Liberty de Newark.

No one else was involved in the initial selection of targets.

Au revoir. It is likely that because the pilots had been warned of the WTC hijackings and to beware of a cockpit intrusion, when they came under attack, they purposely keyed the microphone so sounds of the struggle would be heard by officials on the ground. For example, the pilots, Jason Dahl and LeRoy Homer Jr., are shown in the film being killed by the terrorists immediately during the hijacking. First mayday call at 09:28:17 made by LeRoy Homer. [25] Travers termed it "one of the most moving films of the year", in Rolling Stone. Then he hung up.

[27] The other hijacked flights were taken by five-man teams, but Flight 93 had only four hijackers, leading to speculation of a possible 20th hijacker. [40] Marion Britton called her friend, Fred Fiumano, at 09:49:12.

[27] At 09:22, after learning of the events at the World Trade Center, LeRoy Homer's wife, Melody Homer, had an ACARS message sent to her husband in the cockpit asking if he was all right. Officials believe that at 09:28, the hijackers assaulted the cockpit and moved the passengers to the rear of the plane at the same time to minimize any chance that either the crew or the passengers would interfere with the attack. [5] Several family members of the passengers aboard the flight attended the premiere to show their support. Shall we finish it off?" [71] Cleveland Center controllers, unaware the flight had crashed, notified the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) at 10:07 that Flight 93 had a bomb on board and passed the last known position. Une interview fut réalisée par Al-Jazeera fin 2001 avec Ben Laden et bin al-Shibh qui déclaraient que le vol 93 devait s'écraser dans le Capitole. [118] They located the flight data recorder on September 13 and the cockpit voice recorder the following day.

over the sound of breaking glass. Il est ensuite révélé que l'avion s'est écrasé à Shanksville, en Pennsylvanie, tuant tout le monde à bord. » Mais ils n'avaient pas encore remarqué cet avertissement. The hijackers on those flights had waited no more than thirty minutes to commandeer the aircraft, most likely striking after the seat belt sign had been turned off and cabin service had begun. By the time Flight 93 became airborne, Flight 11 was four minutes away from hitting the North Tower and Flight 175 was being hijacked; Flight 77 was climbing normally and was nine minutes away from being hijacked.

[129][130], Flight number "93" was discontinued by United Airlines after the hijacking.

Ces rapports furent infirmés par Shaw et Sandra Felt, qui ont écouté les enregistrements des boîtes noires. [27] Flight attendant Sandra Bradshaw called the maintenance facility at 09:35:40 from row 33. And she was crying and ... screaming and yelling.

Mark Bingham tue Haznawi avec un extincteur. Il se dirigea juste après son décollage vers le World Trade Center, sur son itinéraire et qui allait bientôt être frappé, avant de s'en détourner.

Elle devait initialement prendre le vol 91 United Airlines, mais était arrivée une heure en avance, lui permettant de prendre le vol 93.

We're going down!

Lorsque Jarrah voulut désengager l'autopilote, il essaya d'envoyer à 9 h 45 un autre terroriste, probablement Saeed al-Ghamdi, « ramener le pilote », faisant sans doute référence à Homer. Hold from the inside.

Jarrah changea de tactique à 9 h 59 min 52 s et balança alors l'avion d'avant en arrière mais les passagers continuèrent à forcer la porte du cockpit, avant de la briser. [34] The three other hijacked flights all departed within fifteen minutes of their scheduled times. I'm totally fine. [140] When the 9/11 commission asked Hutchison why he gave this false claim he refused to give an answer and stormed out of the room. [25], With the attacks unfolding, air traffic officials began issuing warnings through the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS).

Le rapport de la commission nationale sur les attaques terroristes contre les États-Unis décrit les passagers et l'équipage du vol 93 comme ayant sauvé la Maison-Blanche ou le Capitole.

I heard the plane going over and I went out the front door and I saw the plane going down. The passengers (excluding the hijackers) and crew were from: "Flight 93" and "United 93" redirect here. [27] The United air traffic control coordinator for West Coast flights, Alessandro "Sandy" Rogers, alerted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Herndon Command Center in Herndon, Virginia, that Flight 93 was not responding and was off course.
The final spoken words on the recorder were a calm voice in English instructing, "Pull it up. [135] Based on an exchange between Atta and bin al-Shibh two days before the attacks, the White House would be the primary target for the fourth plane and the Capitol the secondary target. [36] Salim Hamdan, bin Laden's driver, told interrogators he knew the flight was heading for the Capitol. They decide to organize a revolt against the hijackers, to retake the plane, learning that passenger Donald Greene has a license to pilot small planes and passenger Andrew Garcia is a former air traffic controller. As of May 2016, there is still an 8:00 A.M. flight from Newark to San Francisco, which still uses a Boeing 757, but it is now Flight 497. According to the commission, the hijackers could have learned of the successful attacks on the World Trade Center from messages being sent by United Airlines to the cockpits of its transcontinental flights, including Flight 93, warning of cockpit intrusion and telling of the New York attacks. [29] The hijackers in the cockpit became aware of the revolt at 09:57:55, Jarrah exclaiming, "Is there something? [153] The proposed design has also attracted critics who see Islamic symbolism in the crescent design. On ne sait pas pourquoi les pirates de l'air du vol 93 ont attendu 46 minutes de vol avant de passer à l'action. [73][74] These reports were not corroborated by Shaw or Felt's wife, Sandra, who listened to the recording afterwards. Haznawi was the only hijacker selected for extra scrutiny by the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS). The crash knocked out the electricity and phones. I just want to tell you, there's a little problem with the plane. (The question as to whether the 757 would have reached its target had those aboard not taken action on their own remained disturbingly unanswered in the report issued by a federal commission established to investigate the terrorist attack.)"

[29], Tom Burnett made several phone calls to his wife beginning at 09:30:32 from rows 24 and 25, though he was assigned a seat in row 4. [113] 34 passengers were identified by October 27. Give it to me!

[137] A post-9/11 interview with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and bin al-Shibh by Al Jazeera reporter Yosri Fouda said Flight 93 was heading for the Capitol. Second mayday call at 09:28:50 made by LeRoy Homer. After this, Jefferson heard muffled voices and Beamer answering, "Are you ready? Flight attendant Sandra Bradshaw observes the bodies of the pilots and Welsh. All 44 people on board were killed, including the four hijackers.

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