top 5 dangerous wwe player

Now that most of the draft moves have been settled, let's look at the top 10 most important Superstars on the Raw and SmackDown brands. No matter what the excuse may be for holding Riley back, his in-ring abilities are not that of a top-tier wrestler.

He’s The Boogeyman, and he’s coming to get you! If he loses to Orton, they will simply swap places and he'll become the No. Few wrestlers have had a better year than Randy Orton. Watch Paul Bearer's most ghoulish moments. In his only notable North American exposure, WCW fans witnessed Abby being fried in an electric chair during Halloween Havoc 1991’s infamous Chamber of Horrors Match.

The Tribal Chief stuff has been amazing. For years, the mystery and allure surrounding The Deadman was contained within Paul Bearer’s urn, but the legendary competitor’s ability to strike fear into the hearts of anyone brazen enough to cross his path is unmatched. If an entire year of them competing as the sole focus on SmackDown, along with going over to Raw to eat up the spotlight there, wasn't enough to convince you how important they are, look at the draft. Let's talk about Paul Wight: the man has been a novelty act since first arriving in WCW back in 1995. However, points are deducted from The Empress of Tomorrow given how WWE just doesn't focus on her as much in comparison. A member of Z-grade director Edward D. Wood Jr.’s repertory company of castaways and cutouts, the bald, 400-plus pound Johnson trudged his way through so-bad-they’re-good midnight movies like “Bride of the Monster,” “Night of the Ghouls” and Wood’s most notorious turkey “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” In 1994, When Ed Wood’s life was made into a movie by director Tim Burton, the massive pro wrestler was played, appropriately enough, by WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele. Anyway, on to Ryback ... "The Big Guy" does the usual "big guy" stuff with nothing really out of the ordinary. Now, in honor of horror maestro Wes Craven, is journeying to the dark side of sports-entertainment to unearth the definitive list of the 31 most horrifying competitors of all time. Rusev can kick and stomp and use the Camel Clutch but beneath "The Brute" lies little in the way of a wrestler. Thankfully, Nailz left WWE shortly after his confrontation with The Deadman. — R.M. When an individual spends time in prison, many times they hope for rehabilitation to become a better part of society upon their release. Is it snakes?

Halfway to the ring, Vader removed the massive helmet to reveal his masked visage.

The Grenoble, France, native competed in the 1970s and 1980s and presented a daunting challenge for Superstars like Big John Studd and Hulk Hogan, who themselves were considered larger-than-life. What's your fear? FEATURED WRITER Modified 21 Aug 2019, 12:19 IST. Relive the night The Deadman abducted Stephanie McMahon.

With her wild mohawk, bloodcurdling screams and a sneer that never seemed to leave her face, the second-generation competitor didn’t fit the mold of a typical WWE Diva, but that's because she never wanted to. Billed Height: 6'1" In recent memory, Riley has been a voice in NXT who tried to compete but was shunned by the crowd. This mystique created inherent fear, and although his wrestling gear has morphed several times over the years, he is still just as scary as ever. Another story of football player turned "sports entertainer." However, they remain among the most important Superstars on the brand because of the accolades they possess. WWE might not give her as much to do as Lynch had in the same position, but as champion and one of the best the division has to offer, The Empress defaults into a very important role. As great as Owens, Big E and others on SmackDown are, they pale in comparison to Bryan's overwhelming support from fans. This trend has never faded as it pertains to the big wrestling-based promotions.

— RYAN MURPHY. Bayley by herself has no direction, since WWE's entire goal for months has been to tease the split between The Golden Role Models. See Jake Roberts' stunning deception of Ultimate Warrior. Upon first glance it is obvious that WWE wanted The Ascension to seem like a modern day Demolition or Legion of Doom but such an impression was not made. The Minster’s natural talents originally led to him becoming a narrator of sorts for ECW’s television show — their very own hardcore Cryptkeeper. He'll likely work with Dominik Mysterio, Kevin Owens, Big E, Apollo Crews and others in the secondary title scene for the coming months on SmackDown.

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