tony atlas hall of fame

Atlas then announced Henry the winner of the bout, although the official result was a double countout. Q: You credited the Saba Simba character saving your life. That's why I felt it was a great honor to be moved above guys like Ivan Koloff, and people like that; that have not been inducted yet. Atlas appeared on the July 8, 2008, airing of ECW where Theodore Long appointed him the special guest ring announcer for the main event featuring Tommy Dreamer with then-babyface, Colin Delaney in his corner against then-heel, Mark Henry. It was like two weeks after the trial. Harley Race trained me. So Vince said, "Well if we have him around Mark Henry we might as well stick him on TV." Do you know what else is good about it? She said, "You can come live with me if you have no place to live. He ran a small wrestling school in Maine as well. The event in which Bruiser Brody was taken from us. But being a Hall of Famer, you carry a heavy load because I don’t just represent Tony Atlas, I represent Tony Atlas and WWE. In 1992, he wrestled in WCW, and in 1994 for the American Wrestling Federation (AWF). Punk didn't understand what I was talking about. The audio is at the end. Every time I look at that character, I say, "That's the character that saved Tony Atlas' life. Tony Atlas, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, became the first African-American Superstar, along with Rocky Johnson, to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Following his departure from WCW, Atlas remained active in various independent promotions in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, while also becoming a certified personal trainer in his home state of Maine. WWF even gave him his biggest success with a three month tag team championship run with Rocky Johnson. This is the only official Facebook Page for 2006 WWE Hall of Famer Mr. USA Tony Atlas. Beefcake Hall of Fame - Tony Atlas Remember "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas? ", So finally, the ambulance came. They wouldn't let me be Tony Atlas. That is what 2006 needed but easily could have been done with a more well respected individual such as Bad News Allen. After the stellar 2005 Hall of Fame class, 2006 was a disappointment due to both Atlas and William Perry. 1 st African American WWF Tag Team Champion, Mr. USA, Laughter. As those died, so did Tony’s career. They said, "Jose." The next morning I found out Brody was not going to be okay and he had passed away. (Brown for those not in the know). Atlas is a one time World Wrestling Federation tag team champion with Rocky Johnson. WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2006: Tony Atlas, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011: Abdullah the Butcher, Rikishi To Be Inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 | WWE Hall of Fame Blog, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019: Legacy Inductees, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019: Brutus ” The Barber” Beefcake. Atlas: You're talking about The Madison Square Garden Match. So they told me, "Yeah Tony, they had the trial yesterday." If I were his wife (Barbara), I would take out a civil suit and have the trial held in the States, not in Puerto Rico, but the states. I figured there was a lot of people before me like Vader, Tommy "Wild Fire" Rich that deserves that honor much more than I did. Saba Simba saved the life of Tony Atlas and my career. It wasn't Vince's fault. Change ). Among his regular partners were Tommy Rich (as "TNT"), Dick Murdoch, and Rocky Johnson. Saba Simba ain’t no Hall of Famer. Originally scheduled to take place on April 2, 2020 from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.On August 27, 2020, it was announced that the 2020 class … He told me and didn't say, don't let him hurt me. Atlas: Well, my greatest accomplishment was not to press slam Hulk Hogan. He liked my artwork, and he wanted a picture of his son. Create a free website or blog at Atlas lost the belt to Vic Steamboat in Middletown, NY. If Vince McMahon hadn't thought of me, he could have used anybody like Ron Simmons, Butch Reed. Vince said if anyone was caught being anything other than themselves they'd be ejected from the show. We all know that in '85. What do you think I would have done to Evan Bourne back in the day? World Tag Team Champion; former Mr. USA bodybuilding champion; 2006 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee. They went to the hospital and finished the job in the hospital. Brody said, "Sure. Atlas was thus shunted to the mid card in the WWF in short lived tag teams with Ivan Putski, Lanny Poffo and George Wells. He briefly showed back up in the WWF around Wrestlemania 13 being spotted in the crowd and cheering for Rocky Mavia. We caught up with the WWE Hall of Famer recently. A former bodybuilder turned World Tag Team Champion turned WWE Hall of Famer, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas is also one of the most influential and significant African-American Superstars in the history of sports-entertainment. I took Brody to the hospital, and I stayed with him.

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