smackdown august 18, 2005

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9/4 • Booker forced Melina to tag in, then held her and tagged in Sharmell. [48] Upon SmackDown's debut on Syfy in 2010, it replaced the previous theme song "Let it Roll" by Divide the Day.[49]. 1/21 • 4/11 • 10/9 • NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich squashed. Orton struggled, not letting Benoit turn it over, and tripping out of it. 12/20 • Melina kicked Sharmell on a backdrop attempt, then choked her on the mat. 9/5 • 10/8 • The referee backed him up, allowed Dean to get a shot in. Mysterio said after Summerslam, Dominick is coming home to his "real father", him.

Guerrero, now sitting atop the ladder, promised to bring "Dominick Guerrero" home to "Papi". [65], The name was also used when WWE released its 2015 film The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown! [33], On June 26, 2018, Fox announced a five-year agreement to air SmackDown, in a deal worth $205 million per year. [83][84], The series airs in the Philippines on One Sports via Cignal TV. Smackdown for August 18th, the final edition before Summerslam, opened with a recap of how Family & Child Services took away Dominick last week, leaving Rey & Angie Mysterio heartbroken, and Eddie Guerrero smirking. The show would later move to MyNetworkTV in October 2008. [34][35][36] The agreement came as WWE's previous broadcast deal with USA Network to air both SmackDown and WWE Raw was set to expire, and as Fox has increasingly emphasized live sports programming and non-scripted entertainment in the wake of its then-upcoming sale of its in-house studios to Disney. to emphasize the new scheduling.[17]. [20] On March 20, 2009, SmackDown celebrated its 500th episode. When the lights came back on, Undertaker was in the ring, which was filling with smoke. 2/7 • Batista said this "million dollar body and nickel brain" would kick JBL's "ass" at Summerslam.

The August 18, 2005 Edition of Smackdown is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's Smackdown brand, which took take place on August 16, 2005 at … Both men were slow to get up, and they traded right hands and forearms. 4/10 • [44][45], On August 17, WWE announced that SmackDown, Raw, and pay-per-views would move out of the Performance Center to the "WWE ThunderDome" at Orlando's Amway Center, beginning with SmackDown on August 21. The Mexicools then delivered their catchphrase while sitting on the couch. SmackDown's ring ropes were usually blue from 1999 to 2012 (although they were black for a period between 2001 and 2002). Booker chopped Mercury to the mat, then slammed him and hit a kneedrop. The Mexicools got in and started bouncing on the furniture and playing with the items on the set, ticking off Christian.

[13] SmackDown's move to Fox on October 4, 2019 marked the show's return to Friday nights and over-the-air broadcast television (as well as the second time SmackDown has aired on a Fox-owned network). Melina tagged in, saying she wanted Sharmell, and she obliged. August 18, 2005

Orton tried twice for a powerbomb, couldn't get Benoit over, and instead DDT'd him for a two count.

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On January 18, 2013, SmackDown celebrated its 700th episode. would have separate rosters of performers that are exclusive to their respective programs and events, and be positioned in-universe as competing "brands" (in a manner reminiscent of athletic conferences). JBL once again referred to Batista has having a million dollar body and a "nickel brain". 10/25 • In Greece, SmackDown airs every Sunday at 01:00 pm at Skai TV. aired its first episode on The CW.

was recorded on Tuesdays and then broadcast on Thursdays. [23] Long's team won the match. [37][38] However, amid a competitive bidding situation, NBCUniversal focused its efforts on renewing Raw, freeing up Fox to pursue SmackDown. Fri, Oct 23, 2020. SmackDown airs on Матч! FRIDAYS AT 8/7C. Benoit chopped Orton, but Orton reversed a whip and went for the RKO. JBL vs. Funaki (No Holds Barred Match) (No Contest) 4.

The early set included an oval-shaped TitanTron entrance and stage (dubbed the "Ovaltron")[citation needed] which made it stand out from the Raw Is War set with its rectangular Titantrons. 11/26 • [32] On April 10, 2018, SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon announced that Daniel Bryan was back as a full-time WWE wrestler and named Paige the new General Manager. Later productions gained the ability to move the Ovaltron either to the left or to the right of the stage.

On August 22, 2014, SmackDown switched to a full 16:9 letterbox presentation, with a down-scaled version of the native HD feed on a 4:3 SD feed. 12/12 • 11/20 • The camera showed a briefcase hanging above the ring. 11/14 • In Spain, SmackDown airs every Sunday at 1 pm on Mega. 2/14 • This match was billed as a rematch from last years Summerslam.. Chris Benoit repeatedly tried to get Randy Orton into the sharpshooter and finally sinched it in! (2005) Andrew Robinson, Jr. Booker T & Sharmell on The Peep Show (SD! [4] SmackDown currently broadcasts live on Friday nights on the Fox network, beginning on October 4, 2019, filling the entirety of the network's Friday night schedule; Fox Deportes simulcasts the program with Spanish-language commentary.

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SmackDown airs in Germany every Saturday at 10:00 pm on ProSieben MAXX. INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews & William Regal (said he was going back to the old William Regal).. Hardcore Holly defeated Stevie Richards.. Eddie Guerrero comes out to the ring where a seven foot ladder stands and a briefcase hangs from the roof.. Eddie Guerrero says there is only one kind of match that can settle everything between he and Rey -- a ladder match!

9/24 • In Jamaica, SmackDown airs live on Fridays on Flow 1, with a replay on Sundays. The Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment do battle in elaborate, long-running rivalries. Mance Warner), WWE Survivor Series Kickoff News, Ilja Dragunov Vs. WALTER "Tale Of The Tape", Lorcan And Burch, Triple H Sends Custom WWE Title To World Series Champions, Brodie Lee Reveals Vince McMahon's Reasoning For "Bludgeon Brothers" Name, Ronda Rousey's WWE Arrest Listed As Real Incident On Taxpayer-Funded COVID-19 Ad Campaign Document, CM Punk On Possible Match With Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch Shows Off Her Baby Bump (Photo), Alexa Bliss Gets New Theme On WWE Monday Night RAW, Lio Rush And His Wife Expecting Their Third Child, Confirmed: Bret Hart Will Not Be At SummerSlam, The Coach Signs New Multi-Year Deal With WWE, More, © 2020 Webcapacity Incorporated. In yet another backstage segment, Animal told Heidenreich that he "has what it takes" and said he had the same "heart" that Hawk did. 7/26 • In Mexico, MVS aired SmackDown between 2005 and 2008, and Azteca 7 from 2008 to 2014.

Orton went back to the headlock, but Benoit got out and hit some chops. 4/21 • SmackDown airs live in Australia on Saturday late mornings/early afternoons and Sunday afternoons on Fox8 and Friday nights on 9Go! 4/14 • The stage used was a new design with multiple LED side panels on each side with a titan-tron in a semi circle in the center. Booker hit some chops, then delivered a back kick for two.

5/22 • [90] The show would play on Wednesday nights in the evening, with a 7-day delay, edited to one hour and was one of the most watched programs on the channel. 109 Maybe? The Peep Show.

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