slow rollin stroke it with the motion

"Stupid" (given two treatments on the disc) has no melody, no rhythm track, and falls flat on its face in the humor-and-wit department, where its creators evidently gambled that it would hit the bulls-eye. you can slow roll it roll it Slow Rollin yeahh My Baby taught me(to stroke it with the motion) "Stupid" (Bargain-Priced) is therefore a wake-up call to the Love Doctor and Hep'Me Records. The track finally appeared on the Love Doctor's '07 release, Stupid.) For diehard iconoclasts like your Daddy B. That creative triumvirate--vocalist extraordinaire The Love Doctor, erstwhile middle-of-the night WMPR DJ Uncle Bobo-slash-producer-Senator Jones, and young creative-dynamo Sir Charles Jones--constituted one of the most promising R&B "sounds" to be heard in years. Nice's new 21st-Century Artist Guide to The Love Doctor. Nearly every single thing about this album borders on laughable, from the cliche-ridden grooves and outdated production style to the sound itself." DBN. Gotta kiss her on the shoulder. My baby told me stroke it wit the motion, sock it to me ohh! All underwent incredible transformations, but that wasn't enough for the technically-breathtaking Mr. X.

He's mining the old chitlin' circuit, wrong-side-of-the-tracks subject matter from his salad days, i.e.

He's got Thomisene Anderson backing him up. . ", in 2007.) . Your Daddy B. Slow Rollin yeahh Gotta kiss her on the navel. Stay tuned. the lyric: "Makes no difference/ If the sun don't shine./ I'm going to keep you/ From the welfare line." The singer is definitely not The Love Doctor. / My baby taught me to stroke it with the motion Your Daddy B. Awhh baby (slow rollin baby) My baby taught me

. I can teach you anything you need to know in July 2008.) 's "My Name Is $$$$$ ," Little Kim Stewart's "No Bootleg Baby" and the greatly under-appreciated Robert Hill debut, Somebody Lied On Me, served notice that the label still knew how to make hit records that epitomized what Southern Soul is and should be. Gotta get uh bit bolder gotta make ha know gotta make ha say baby oo! Nice, it's what Southern Soul is all about), your hard-earned dollar is better spent on Lee "Shot" Williams' more musical CD Shot From The Soul , whose centerpiece--"Country Woman"--rivals the very best the Love Doctor has lavished upon us in the past. . It aint what you got its how ya use it Here is what I wrote about Mr. X in Top 25 Singles of 2008: "Talk about amazing debuts. Go to Daddy B. He has already published two CD's, the first one Sit Down On It--described below--and the second one, Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle, making two new CD's in one year.

2. Awhh baby (slow rollin baby) My baby taught me The song echoed the style The Love Doctor had used on his Lewis Clark and the C&W All-Stars album There's No One Like Mama. ********************* 6. The album marked the emergence of a new Southern Soul star, Sir Charles Jones, who composed all the tracks for the LP and contributed back-up vocals, most notably on "Slow Roll It." In 2001 he signed with Mardi Gras Records of New Orleans. August 30, 2008 I've come to the conclusion that the reason the Love Doctor's music so often fails is because what he's trying to do is so damned hard to accomplish: harder than threading the proverbial camel through the eye of a needle. 4. Many of the songs are taken track for track from the Love Doctor's At His Best CD. The arrangements are almost identical.

(DETOUR TO BEST OF 2008 PAGE and Daddy B. Under the deejay name "Blues Doctor," he gained a sizable audience and eventually transformed himself into a performer. Gotta get a bit bolder.

But if this kind of lower-class romanticism is what you're after (and for your Daddy B. . When he sings "Merry Christmas," you see frosty red cheeks. Senator Jones has just issued a CD by an artist named "Mr.

The CD is not only small (something we've come to expect from the Love Doctor and Senator Jones) but repetitious, filled with material as stale as week-old bread. Nice Southern Soul Music Awards) --Daddy B. What's going on in Love Doctor/Senator Jones-land? The Love Doctor gained a modicum of air play on many Stations of the Deep South in late 2004 and early 2005 with the track, "Just Another Soul Song" (yet to be featured on an LP). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. . Nice's archives. (2007): SAY IT AIN'T SO, LOVE DOCTOR! I don't even like Christmas music--and generally detest artist Christmas albums--but somehow this Love Doctor track takes me back to an earlier time. I can teach you anything you need to know / (Stroke it with the motion) / My women taught me how ta / You know what she taight me?? Stupid is--there's no other way to say it--just dumb, a huge disappointment, and a red flag for Hep'Me Records that they may have lost their touch. . 8/30/08 Footnote: ALERT. The Love Doctor was born Lewis Clark and raised in the Memphis area before moving to Illinois and becoming a disc jockey. Listen to The Love Doctor singing "Slow Roll It" on YouTube. The Love Doctor's Discography: 2001 Doctor of Love Mardis Gras 2002 Moaning & Groaning (Mardi Gras) 2004 Lies (Mardi Gras) 2004 There's No One Like Mama (Hep'Me) 2005 Let's Have Some Fun (Hep'Me) 2007 Stupid (Hep'Me) 2008 At His Best (Senator Jones), "Gotta kiss her on the toes. DBN 7. Nice couldn't care less if the Love Doctor wanted to hang out on his front porch, munching on pork rinds, with his legs up and his toes wiggling in the sunshine above the unpainted railing. Nice's Southern Soul" is listed as the source and a link to is provided. The CD Lies, with the landmark track, "Lies (You Said It, No I Didn't)," appeared in 2004, although the single had already made a sensation on Southern Soul radio in 2003. We Love Doctor fans have waited patiently for new, ground-breaking material from the Doctor of Love for over half a decade now, with little to show for it but a handful of heavily gospel-influenced tunes and the mini-masterpiece, "You Said It, No I Didn't (Lies)," the Love Doctor's duet with extraordinary back-up vocalist Thomisene Andersen. . That's not to say I'm crazy about the trend, but one has to recognize the originality of much of the new work coming from hiphop-influenced artists. The Hep'Me Records stable of artists was until lately a much-needed counterweight to that trend.
Nice, If you liked Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," you'll love The Love Doctor's "Slow Roll It. ", 1. X." Update: January 10, 2008 (Re: Mr. X mystery artist re-recording The Love Doctor's songs) The artist Mark Safford has taken on the pseudonym Mr. X. . See Daddy B. Browse through all the Southern Soul collectibles in Daddy B.

Nice's archives. The disc also reunited Lewis Clark with his old gospel-music peer from his younger days in the South, producer Senator Jones. I'm even willing to entertain the possibility that that kind of undisciplined and unstructured life-of-leisure might be the source of the Love Doctor's and Senator Jones' creativity. Another Southern Soul star-to-be, Carl Marshall, took over much of the compositional and arranging work that Sir Charles Jones had performed on the Doctor Of Love album. "There's No One Like Mama," with a chorus reminiscent of the 50's Ames Brothers, became the standout track from The Love Doctor's 2004 gospel CD of the same name (Mardi Gras, 2004). . ), All material--written or visual--on this website is copyrighted and the exclusive property of.

gotta do it to the left gotta do it to the right gotta learn slow roll it all night Who want a keepsake, memento or souvenir. 3. ", the Southern Soul classic that Willard Burton composed for Tyrone Davis. . To make her start moanin Few of those songs have touched fans the way the Love Doctor's have. "Slow Roll It" The Love Doctor. . From artists, their familes, friends and fans. (Material up to 300 words may be quoted without permission if "Daddy B. The majority of the music is still as bare as an amateur jug band, which is the main problem. He changed his name to The Love Doctor in 1997 and put out a debut disc called Midnight Recipe on a small label (Nutrition). Gotta get uh bit bolder gotta make ha know gotta make ha say baby oo! I would venture to say that if the disc didn't contain a version of "When The Saints Come Marching In" (actually, two tracks worth of it too) modified to fit NFL star Reggie Bush and the local New Orleans Saints fan base, it wouldn't have sold more than a few copies. That's because the disc was originally put out as a Lewis Clark CD of the same name. My Baby taught me(to stroke it with the motion) He's tighter.

But there's the rub. Meanwhile, we can only mourn the failure of The Love Doctor's Stupid. Nice's Southern Soul Products Store. . Perfunctory credits-writing on Senator Jones' part, no doubt, beyond Marshall's control.) It was almost as if the Love Doctor and Senator Jones had handed the relay baton to Mr. X (Mark Safford) and said, "Go for it." The Love Doctor's precedent-setting, Southern Soul CD, The Doctor Of Love (now out of print), if you'll remember, was the album that introduced "Slow Roll It," "My Forever Love" and "Everyday Woman"--all composed and for the most part arranged by a then-unknown young musical genius named Charles Jones--to the Southern Soul audience. --Daddy B. Instead--especially now, with the debut of the Love Doctor's new CD, Stupid (Hep'Me, 2007)--it seems as if the Love Doctor has done his best to squander the tremendous reservoir of good will and fan empathy built up by his early work. Nice's Corner under the title "Pulling Out Of The Nose Dive, Headed Back Up, But By No Means There. (Note: Not to nitpick, but Carl Marshall certainly didn't write "Where Are You, Lady? We had high expectations--in retrospect, maybe too high--and The Love Doctor has let us down. My women taught me how ta, You know what she taight me?? And yet, the fact that a lot of people didn't "get it" made those of us who loved The Love Doctor's "sound" cherish his work that much more. ", All material--written or visual--on this website is copyrighted and the exclusive property of Listen to The Love Doctor featuring Thomisene Anderson singing "Lies (You Said It, No I Didn't)" on YouTube. (DETOUR TO BEST OF 2008 PAGE and Daddy B. Confused about the performer credit for There's No One Like Mama? My Baby taught me(to stroke it with the motion) . Stroke it with the motion yeahh Stroke it with the motion, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. It was different from anything that was coming out of Southern Soul's two main musical factories, Malaco and Ecko Records, and yet you knew the minute you heard it this was indubitably and eternally "Southern Soul" music. Here's an excerpt from All Music Guide's contemptuous 2001 review: "There's bad bad, and then there's just sad bad, and Doctor of Love unfortunately falls into the latter category. It's an exotic, rare gift--this ability to conjure how happy just gazing at a Christmas card with Santa's face and rosy cheeks made one feel as a child--and the Love Doctor (with the help of Senator Jones) is the only performer in Southern Soul who has the ability to conjure that kind of downhome, bygone ambience. Enjoyed everywhere, Lyrics for Slow Roll It by The Love Doctor (Lewis Clark). Browse through all the Southern Soul satirical sketches in Daddy B.

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