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Read more about the app in our full Personal Capital review. Use the USHUD app to find a full listing and database of luxury, middle class, condos, etc. The Estate Agent template is pre-loaded with the features and tabs you’ll need. Here are a few of our favorites: One of the most popular apps for exchanging and signing documents, DocuSign helps agents control their data through every stage of the client relationship. It’s one of the best apps for real estate investors since it allows you to nearly create a new investment strategy from scratch. {raw:e,commas:e.toLocaleString(),short:this.getShortNumber(e),decimal0:e.toLocaleString(void 0,{style:"decimal",maximumFractionDigits:0}),decimal1:e.toLocaleString(void 0,{style:"decimal",maximumFractionDigits:1,minimumFractionDigits:1}),decimal2:e.toLocaleString(void 0,{style:"decimal",maximumFractionDigits:2,minimumFractionDigits:2}),decimal3:e.toLocaleString(void 0,{style:"decimal",maximumFractionDigits:3,minimumFractionDigits:3})}:null},getPercent:function(e,t){if(e||0===e){var r=t||1,n=this.getNumber(Math.abs(e*r));return{raw:e*r,abs:n.raw,commas:n.commas+"%",decimal0:n.decimal0+"%",decimal1:n.decimal1+"%",decimal2:n.decimal2+"%",decimal3:n.decimal3+"%",isPositive:e>0}}return null},getPhoneNumber:function(e){if(e){var t=e.replace(/\D/g,"").replace(/^1/,""),r=(t.substr(0,10),t.substr(10,100)),n="("+t.substr(0,3)+") "+t.substr(3,3)+"-"+t.substr(6,4),a=t.substr(0,3)+"-"+t.substr(3,3)+"-"+t.substr(6,4),o=n;return r.length>0&&(o+=" x"+r),{raw:e,digits:t,withParentheses:n,withDashes:a,withExtension:o}}return null},getPercentChange:function(e,t){if(e&&t){var r=(e-t)/t*100;return this.getPercent(r)}},firstLetterToUpper:function(e){if(e)return e.toLowerCase().charAt(0).toUpperCase()+e.toLowerCase().slice(1)}},{getDateInfo:function(e){if(e){var t=new Date(e),r={weekday:"long",year:"numeric",month:"long",day:"numeric"},n={weekday:"long",year:"numeric",month:"long",day:"numeric",hour:"numeric",minute:"numeric",second:"numeric"},a=["Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat"],i=["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"],s=["January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"];return{raw:t.getTime(),date:t,month:t.getMonth()+1,day:t.getDate(),year:t.getFullYear(),monthDayYear:t.getMonth()+1+"/"+t.getDate()+"/"+t.getFullYear().toString().substr(2,2),formattedDate:t.toLocaleString("en-us",r),formattedDateTime:t.toLocaleString("en-us",n),shortMonth:i[t.getMonth()],longMonth:s[t.getMonth()],formattedTime:t.toLocaleTimeString("en-us",{hour:"2-digit",minute:"2-digit"}),,,shortDay:a[t.getDay()]}}return null},getAgo:function(e){var;if(e){var r=t-e.getTime(),n=Math.round(r/1e3),a=Math.round(n/60),o=Math.round(a/60),i=Math.round(o/24),s=Math.round(i/7),l=Math.round(i/30);return n<0?

While you wait for someone to get back to you, try our platform for free. Here are our top picks for apps that help agents and brokers stay organized. Live chat functions and chatbots are a new marketing strategy that gives leads the option to interact with your brand at their convenience.

As a real estate investor myself, I’m focused on maximizing my income while reducing my time as much as possible. For me, I use the following real estate investing apps to find success: What do you think are the best apps for real estate investors? Whether it’s between an agent and a broker or an agent and a client, communication is an integral part of keeping a business running smoothly. ® real estate app for Android is your best decision-making resource to find homes, apartment rentals, real estate and open house listings directly from the MLS. * Complete your details and we’ll arrange for a demo with our team. I … If you like the strategy of buying distressed assets, then the mobile app is the one for you. Buy land positions for speculative development, Invest in distressed single-family or commercial real estate, Acquire, rehab and flip residential real estate for profit, Build, own and operate single-family or commercial real estate, Setting up real estate investment property alerts on your iPad while flying, Using one centralized app to manage all your accounting, rental income and taxes, Check rental comps while you physically in a prospective real estate investment opportunity, Save money by not using a management company and manage your tenants on the go, The minimum investment amount of only $500 in total, Free to sign up and scan potential investment opportunities, Earn passive income with commercial real estate investing, Actual rental comps for your desired location, Premium on the go screening of properties, Comes with automated net worth tracker and a retirement planner, Fully integrated with Zillow home price estimates, Securely import transactions from your bank account, Track and reconcile rent payments and expenses, Real Estate Exam Prep & Review by Dearborn Practice Test.

However, has a mobile app that will help you find properties on the go and get alerts of new auctions, listing and more.

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