porthole sentence

porthole in a sentence - Use "porthole" in a sentence 1. 3. 2. 0. He tore open the cupboard door and peered at the tiny. Then, he stuffs the whole bundle into a small metal. A small porthole with a curtain provides limited lighting. 4.

4. After bloodshed between the rival fur companies, and their union in 1821, Fort Garry was erected, as a trading post and settlers' depot, and with somewhat elaborate structure, with stone walls, bastions and portholes. The cabin had a small porthole but she. porthole in a sentence.

Dan was in his cabin, staring out of a, 28.

Suddenly I became aware that the porthole was open, and fastened back.

Close the airlock and open the porthole. Meanwhile, second tier cabins will have a simple porthole.

For the boat was now nosing out of the fog, timber by white timber, porthole by porthole, and stood as if held fast by the fog, at the end of the pier, its gangplank let down. Brilliant sunshine illuminated the scene. But my frantic, full-beamed Mayday signal only threw light on a de-iced, 27. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Glass portholes have been placed in freight cars for viewing inside. 25. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. 1. a window in a ship or airplane 2. an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through. She stood up on tip-toe and peered through the glass porthole window in the door. Basler have chosen to alter the cabin glazing to, 25. 26.

Mrs Oldfield said it was dark gray in color and had a set of square portholes. The hotel's maritime heritage is interwoven into the design with a subtle recurring motif based on a ship's porthole. She knelt up and peered through the tiny porthole. Then see your visual body walking into the, 16. 2. She knelt up and peered through the tiny, 10. There was a chair and a desk bolted down on the wood planked floor, a few paintings on the walls and a, The material reported ranges from the obligatory, The supervisor was often located above the workshop floor, sometimes with a small, She could see the moonlit water outside her, They are made of a 100 denier micromesh body, poly, I also discovered the Cinema Impero with its clean, geometric lines and, Because statistics show that the menially impaired are the most likely to be abused, all doors have, I am standing inside a convincing facsimile of a diving bell, gazing out through a, Belyayev had to stretch across both seats to look through the spacecraft's, The wind was fierce as it howled out side of the, Sitting on the hill overlooking the marina, you can enjoy your favourite pint surrounded by model ships and old nautical prints, and watch the boats through a, During close-up shots, the frame begins to shift, tilting ever so slightly up and down, just like the image one might see out of a, The two-door Ford Thunderbird is made available with a power-folding soft top, along with a heated glass rear window or a removable hardtop with trademark, We swirl past a shipwreck and bob around coral, while yellow goatfish, blue tangs and trumpetfish swim busily past our, Smoking was difficult, I had to have perfect timing, sticking my head as far out the tiny, He led them to the stern, and to the little cabin, in which was a, He lowered a tender gaze on his banjo and I went on looking through the, Join the Navy and see the world through a piece of plywood nailed over a, The cabin was only faintly lit by a moonbeam which found its way through the, He looked around the fixed cabin and out the, I was in this place having a wash down and towelling vigorously when I heard the steward talking to the cook outside the, That room also was in darkness, with only one, Probably the speakers were in a cabin with the, It was a display of chipped crockery and a barnacled brass, Aye, aye, cried Queequeg, and seizing the carpenter's heavy hatchet, he leaned out of a. Probably the speakers were in a cabin with the porthole open. The methods of designing and repairing, 24.

3. I peep out the porthole and see a sea of clouds. Here he examines the exterior side of a fixed porthole. Porthole; 1. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words. Outside Staterooms: Instead of a veranda, these rooms have a porthole or a large window. More porthole windows, uncovered this time.

Pickled mutant fetuses as a metaphor for war floated in portholes. Portholes sentence examples. Utility Room automatic washer/drier, Welsh slate floor, round porthole window, door to patio. 1. A strong shutter or plate fastened over a ship's, 29. That room also was in darkness, with only one porthole open. John found a junk shop and bought a very nautical looking " porthole " mirror for his bathroom, to replace a broken one.

0. 2.

All Rights Reserved. porthole glass lying among brush heads, cables and other unidentifiable objects.

3 5 She stood up on tip-toe and peered through the glass porthole window in the door. The Doctor found the po

Use "porthole" in a sentence. 34 sentence examples: 1. All four houses featured four bedrooms, off street parking and ample garden space while some included porthole and arched windows and sun rooms. The unisex watch has a smooth metal case and features a small porthole at the back where people can watch the workings of the time piece as they track the seconds and minutes pass. They do not represent the opinions of Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. She knelt up and peered through the tiny, 3. Sitting up, dutching over her sweater in which she slept, she looked through the open, 30. Spitting venom into the face of kindness, shuffling away, unable to take his eyes off the porthole window to the main mortuary room, Billy had lashed out one more time and spurned this small moment of human kindness. 37. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

porthole glass lying among brush heads, cables and other unidentifiable objects. She knelt up and peered through the tiny porthole.

A porthole, with the black heavens and the blazing stars, was before her. He stood there, looking out the porthole, and forgot I was there. 2. How to use porthole in a sentence.

2. Our new machines with a big porthole also have a child lock which you can activate yourself. There is a central stationary dome or turret with a circular porthole. porthole lamps above the doors & ziggurat doors.

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