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Bellamy pokes his head out the moon roof and suddenly has a knife to his throat. While the others escaped, Pike took Lincoln to the front of Alpha Station to be executed. Pike, proud of his once troubled pupil, smiles at Murphy, who sees this and tells Pike to "go float" himself, stating that everything he learned he learned on the ground. Charles Pike Concluding that Octavia freed the prisoners, Pike and his guards rushed off to find them. Abby Griffin, after some time of silence, told Pike that the delinquents were to be sent to the ground. There’s not a single reason. Instead, Lexa took the higher ground and declared, “Blood must NOT have blood.” She’s put her own position at risk in order to hopefully end the bloodshed. Three, Six Pike's guards however, unwittingly cut off Kane and his collaborators from escape. Deceased, 2150; Commander's Headquarters Pike went from merely unlikeable to a singularly focused, narrow-minded bigot. Upon being criticized by Bellamy for his lack of mercy for grounders, Pike cites logistical and strategic concerns involved with sparing wounded Grounders, and asks that Bellamy think of the lives saved, not taken. The 100 is all about complicated characters being forced to make unfathomable decisions on a regular basis. Simultaneously, Kane's plan was implemented by Lincoln, Sinclair, and other members of Kane's Faction. As things seem hopeless, Clarke pulls the kill switch and destroys A.L.I.E., restoring everyone to normal. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. In 2010, she starred in a production of Hedda Gabler on UK tour. After performing in a few high school plays, he auditioned for, got accepted to and later graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School Of Drama in NYC. However, one of the other defenders is Octavia who is still angry over Pike killing Lincoln and tries to get him killed. Pike was born on the Ark. That night, Pike sentenced Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair to death, citing the terms of martial law and the Exodus Charter as giving him the authority to do so. "That was the idea, that he would be a regular or just come back as a recurring [character] and stay around but I think that the backlash was so bad from killing [fan-favorite Grounder character] Lincoln and other things that [showrunner Jason Rothenberg] just felt we had to [kill Pike off]. At this point it seems unlikely. He calls them "Grounder killers" and everyone cheers, "Hoo-rah!" [36], London Film Critics Circle Award for British Supporting Actress of the Year, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, List of awards and nominations received by Rosamund Pike, "Rosamund Pike: from Bond girl to Gone Girl to leading woman", " - Connecting People Through News", "Review of "Everything Before the 'But' Is a Lie" in the "Daily Info, Oxford, "Actress Pike knows how to take her roles to extremes", "2005 Winners announced 8th British Independent Film Awards", "Interview with Rosamund Pike at the Hollywood Premiere of "Doom, "Pandora: Tendulkar ton is news to Shilpa", "London's Old Vic challenges celebrities to stage a musical in 24 hours", "Rosamund Pike narrates 'The Spy Who Loved Me' for new Ian Fleming audiobooks", "Rosamund Pike Joins 'Wrath of the Titans' as Andromeda", "Rosamund Pike signs up for Wrath of the Titans, drops out of Superman race", "Review: 'Wrath Of The Titans' represents a big step forward from the first film", "Gone Girl film director David Fincher on his potential Oscar contender", "Gone Girl, Fall's Most Anticipated Thriller, Doesn't Disappoint", "Massive Attack Recruit Rosamund Pike for Haunting New Video", "Rosamund Pike To Star In 'The Wheel Of Time' TV Adaptation At Amazon", "I don't sleep around, if that's what you mean ... Would you like some more cake? Pike tells Kane and Octavia that it's over, and states that he promised Hannah he'd bring her son home alive, asking them not to make him a liar. Portrayed by And it was a surprise to a lot of people because that was not the original intention but that's just the way it is.". Kane directs Monty (via radio) to meet him at the Dropship, and sets off to meet him there accompanied by Octavia and Bellamy (who he plans to trade for Monty, should a hostage situation ensue). Since the Azgeda Grounders were ruthless savages, he equated all Grounders to them. Harper, working with Octavia, intercepted Pike and the prisoners, relaying to Octavia via radio that the prisoners were on the move. Steven Universe's Most Epic Love Story Was Too Ambitious for TV. After some time, on the day prior to the launch of the 100 delinquents to the ground, Pike met with Chancellor Jaha. He was elected Chancellor of Arkadia after Mount Weather disaster, but was later captured and sent to be execut… His leadership skills were even strong enough to win him the majority of votes for the most recent chancellor election. He was elected Chancellor of Arkadia after Mount Weather disaster, but was later captured and sent to be executed for his crimes against the Grounders after a group within Arkadia handed him over. Her other films include the spy action comedy Johnny English Reborn (2011), the epic action-adventure fantasy Wrath of the Titans (2012), and the action thriller Jack Reacher (2012). Michael Beach, Actor: Aquaman. However, Pike had been tricked, and Octavia had hidden the prisoners under the floor within the room. His first official actions as Chancellor were pardoning himself, and his supporters, for their crimes, rejecting the brand that made Skaikru the Thirteenth Clan, and ordering an attack on the Trikru peacekeeping force camped outside Arkadia. Against A.L.I.E's urging, Jaha informs Pike of the City of Light. Bellamy, instead, offers to take Pike to the cave, which Pike accepts. [9] Pike then played Elizabeth Malet in The Libertine (2004), co-starring Johnny Depp,[10] which won her the Best Supporting Actress award at the British Independent Film Awards. Octavia shouts that she wants redemption which Pike acknowledges is the correct answer and states was something he'd been trying to get when Octavia killed him. Gender Am I right?” and led his team in an “Ooh rah!” chant? As Pike was digesting the news, he was informed that Grounder messengers were emerging from the woods on horseback, bound for the gates. When Pike became Chancellor, he become a ruthless, authoritarian leader. I fear it’s only going to get worse with Pike moving against the Trikru village next. Given Pike’s limited knowledge of the Grounder society and the 12 Clans, as said before, he should have taken pause and given more consideration to Abby and Kane’s perspective. Kane introduces Indra and Pike. Family Information Affiliation ", "Rosamund Pike: How my ex-addict lover (age 53) gave me new lease of life", "This Is How Rosamund Pike Restored Her Georgian Home in London", "Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike talks Oscars, babies and her new film What We Did on Our Holiday", "Poverty is sexist: leading women sign up for global equality | Life and style", "Rosamund Pike Set To Play War Reporter Marie Colvin", "Parker actor back for Thunderbirds remake", "Kate Winslet, Rosamund Pike, Taron Egerton Sign Up for Moomins Animated Series", "Netflix Boards Prince Harry-Introduced Anniversary Episode Of Classic Kids Show 'Thomas & Friends, British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, London Film Critics' Circle Award for British Actress of the Year,, Articles with dead external links from February 2017, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 22:42. Pike then proceeded to mercilessly beat Murphy. Earth Skills Teacher (former)Chancellor of Arkadia (former) Pike and Hannah go with Kane, Bellamy, and Monty after Abby., Pike was quick to shove off any concern, stating that keeping an eye on Jaha "is Abby's department". Kane began to tell Pike that he would be floated if he told the prisoners, but Pike interrupted him stating that he got that. Pike's was the second leaked audition tape, although a different actor than the one who had auditioned was chosen to portray him. Many students were attentive, while others were visually bored or goofing around. Pike, still worried for his students, ridiculed Jaha, asking "do you even care if they live or die?". It seems like he's just teasing because he knows how much of the fandom hated his character. Monty's father saved four of fifteen kids but was killed when he went back for the fifth and he died a hero. Star Trek: Discovery - Where Is the Rest of Burnham’s Crew. with that, Jaha emerges from the tower with Ontari, who orders the warriors to release Pike's restraints (as she has also taken the key). Born and raised in the rough inner city Roxbury area of Boston, Beach was an athlete who never expected to be an actor. He ordered that Sinclair be locked up instead... allowing Sinclair to inform the Grounder prisoners of Kane's plan. Pike replied by mentioning the death of Finn Collins, and the Grounders betrayal thereafter. Later, after Echo is captured and brought into the mess hall Pike and Bellamy question her as other Farm Station members are grabbing weapons and arming themselves. Pike has recorded voicework for a lead role in the film Jackboots on Whitehall and lent her voice to a series of James Bond audio-books, narrating The Spy Who Loved Me. Finally, the class rallied against Pike, pulling him off of Murphy after Nathan Miller hit him over the head with a pipe. The 100 (pronounced The Hundred ) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama … In Terms and Conditions, Pike met with Hannah Green and Bellamy Blake in a guard tower on the walls of Arkadia. David E. Talbert Presents: A Fool and His Money, Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault, Laura Vignatti/Marco Montero/Adina Porter/Michael Beach/Kathryn Renee Thomas/El Macizo, Cat Cora/Griffin Gluck/Cast of "Patriots Day", Passengers/Assassin's Creed/Why Him?/Patriots Day/A Monster Calls, Sons of Anarachy: Season 7 - Guests of Anarchy, Behind the Scenes of 'Pastor Brown' the Movie, Tom Brokaw/Michael Beach/Fleming and John, Men of Alaye: The Hottest Black Men in America. Pike was stunned when Kane stood defiant, and stated his refusal to give up. She also appeared as Sarah Beaumont in an episode of the series Foyle's War. His big screen debut was in End of the Line in 1987, and later he went to appear opposite Morgan Freeman and Beverly Todd in Lean on Me (1989). Murphy told Pike he got it, believing that Pike was trying to teach him to fight back. [22][23] The film emerged as a box office hit, earning over $356 million in global ticket sales. Pike shared his frustration with Bellamy, telling him that the fire ruined much of the soil. Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

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