new england grinder sandwich recipe

The only one of the sandwiches I do not like were the marsmallow fluff?peanut butter. I grew up a North Shore girl, just outside of Boston, and thought that I’d point out that we did indeed use the term “sub” for most long sandwiches. Awesome sandwiches. Grew up in NH, although I was born in Sydney, Cap Breton. About: I am a teacher outside of Boston and I love making cool stuff! While in school in (I’m a nut-megger) Portland I was introduce to the Italian Sandwich.

A baked bean sandwich is one of the best uses for leftover beans from the weekend’s evening meal and is something that can be eaten any time of day.

You’ll still want to cut it into fairly thin slices so it’s easier to bite into! I hope you all enjoy the recipe! At my first party I met someone who worked on the URI research ship and he introduced me to the fluffernutter.

I love clam rolls, lobstah rolls, fried haddock.

Leftovers were always beans, mixed with a little mayo on Anadama bread. Delicious. topped with onions, mustard, relish , tomatoes, along with hamburgers on buttered hamburg buns and cheese, topped with, tomato and onion slices, lettuce, pickles, cukes, cole slaw even left over baked beans . Cook all this together til sauce get thick but still thin. Visit the post for more. Hi Sandy – the alcohol will burn off leaving only the flavor. Everything left over , I made into a sandwich as my mom and grandma’s did.

(Another interesting tidbit: Louis’ Lunch also claims to have invented the first hamburger!).

though never my choice I do remember my aunt ( who would be over 100 if she were still alive) ordering chop suey sandwiches from Salem Willows.
I actually did like HoJo’s clams–outside of the northeast, they were about the only place one could get clams.

Add remaining oil and butter and cook the rest of the beef then add to the other pan. When I first found it for sale, I brought it into work to share with young people at my school, where I work as a school counsellor! YES! My lunch sadly will be a protein shake! And then my silly question. There is no comparison but this article is about stuff we grew up with and this is pretty accurate given how many Howard Johnson’s there were. Tag @afamilyfeast on Instagram and hashtag it #afamilyfeast, Your email address will not be published. Some supermarkets sell it pre-packaged as well – sometimes in the frozen food aisle. Absolutely! Yum! Amatos and baked bean sandwiches bring back memories.

Wednesday 10:00am-4:00pm

Born in Maine and growing up in Maine and MA. I wonder who you asked to find these “classics” lol Other than the “Italian Sandwich” I only recognize the clam roll and the fluffernutter.

Some sub shops use steak tips for their Steak Bomb Sandwich, but a good-quality, shaved ribeye steak is traditional (and easier to eat). Maybe they’d ship?! Not cooking the meat directly on a cookie sheet allows for it to get cooked more evenly around and saves you the need of turning the meat every so often. No right minded New Engander eats clam strip sandwich anything! I absolutely love pb and fluff a nutter I had one yesterday and the day before and I grew up having them every day after coming home from swimming. Found a place in Celebration Florida. Fabulous – was never crazy about Howard Johnson’s, but they got that one right. One time I forget 10 jars in the over head compartment. Just curious what do you get for labstah roll at your restaurant in florida. Cover with chowmein noodles then spoon vegtable and gravy all over the noodles and put top of bun on top of the whole thing. Thanks to the folks at Yankee for compiling this collection of gastronomic nostalgia! Steve !! So delicious! What ever you wanted. (513) 874-7111 (Delivery Charge Applies) New England Grinders How about tomato and cheese sandwich with mayo? It goes very well with a glass of coffee milk. Preferably made with Campbell’s Pork and Beans, and buttered bread. LOVE fluffer-nutters! Delicious! I live outside Boston and near a Wegmans, so I'll definitely try it out :) Thanks! They were all a big hit!! Born and raised in Northern NY, I eat my baked bean sandwiches with a slice of onion and catsup. Jet is advertising a 16 oz tub for $7.34. Lobster and clam roll heaven! Clam and lobster roll heaven! Stop at Moe’s (xtra cheese and pickles!) An electric knife would be handy here. A rib-eye or sirloin would be your most tender and flavorful options. Both are still around today. Thanks for the memories. Just use your favorite sandwich or sub roll for this recipe. The most controversial part of the clam roll is whether you choose to use clam bellies or strips (made famous by Howard Johnson’s), but if you ask us, either one makes for a great lunch in the end. Delicious for a mid-week steak craving! Maple syrup? The lobster roll, hands down, followed by a “grinder”. Memories….

We took them to Crane’s Beach and nothing was better…sand, water and a yummy sandwich. on Introduction, I wasn't aware of a New England roast beef sandwich. Remoulade Sauce: Love baked Bean sandwiches, I prefer B&M, topped with some homemade piccalilli, a cold Maine crab meat sandwich is near the top also, I COMPLETELY agree with you. Cincinnati, OH 45246, Monday 10:00am-4:00pm If the price is too high for you, a good option inexpensive would be using the pre-packaged shaved steak (fresh or frozen) instead. Dreaming of one now! 8 slices of tomato crispy on the outside and closed in a circle like a clam. He does! Toast your onion roll and then layer it with meat and top off with bbq sauce! and bring it back to Pa. Also miss peanut butter and bannana sandwiches and stuffed quohogs. BLTs sandwiches are popular along with roast beef. My great grandparents, grandparents, parents, cousins etc…ate every one of these sandwiches except for the chow mein sandwich.

Looking for an idea for my daughter’s graduation party guests. I’ve been living in Utah since 1994. Enjoy a taste of Brazil with this authentic sandwich with palmito... Blackened catfish fillets with sofrito black beans ... An easy vinaigrette is tossed over delicate butter leaf lettuce and... A unique summer-time chilled soup garnished with a toasted raisin... Join today to receive the latest recipes and expert tips from our chefs. Did you make this project? I was quite surprised to find it on a supermarket shelf in Kinna, Sweden (a small town in the western part of the country) and , yup, there it was on the label: “Made in Lynn, Massachusetts”! The clam roll often takes a back seat to its close cousin, the lobster roll, but its comparative unpopularity is undeserved.

You first have to mix the beans with Cains mayonnaise. In a medium skillet over medium heat, melt one tablespoon of butter with one tablespoon of olive oil. Does the Whoopie Pie count as a sandwich? Kelly’s Roast Beef on Revere Beach, MA use to have a clam roll (with bellies) mouth is watering just thinking about it! Is it.

Thank YOU Vicki!!

We grew up with fluff sandwiches; still love them. Martha.
grab a bottle of Root Beer and a bag o’ chips -and spend the day at the Portsmouth Pool ????‍♀️! They were the best, even if only soft salami, with pickles onions, tomato and lettuce.

Thank you so much Marcy!! Of course, my number one favorite sandwich is the typical Lobster Roll! I love the Fluffernutter but living in Florida for 30+ years, I sure do miss the classic Italian Sandwich!!!

Fried bologna, BLT, grilled cheese with what ever was left in the frig, tomato, ham, turkey, pickle. Coat both sides of cod with lemon juice. Still do it, What ’bout sk-banana nut sandwich…?Skippy & bananas. (Mushrooms will be cooked in two batches). Keep in mind, this was a means of survival and and act of bravery cuz the LOBSTAH claws were not banded. I am sooooo grateful for those memories, the fabulous family AND for being poor, we grew to be resourceful, educated and kind, giving adults. I don't know that there is really anything special about it, but it's the bbq sauce that most New England (especially Massachusetts) restaurants use for their roast beef---it's similar to the bbq sauce Arby's uses. Lobster rolls were to die for.

Share it with us! Saturday night supper, beans on buttered toast. Seen it on food channel I am a Yankee subscriber Norman Sylvia, Venice, FL. Cooked at the Barnacle Restaurant in Marblehead in the early ’70’s and we used Ipswich clams, which had the small, sweet bellies. Thank you so much for a wonderful dinner!!!

Had to teach my local Subway shop here in Florida, how to make the Italian sandwich just the way I like it, oils and a little vinegar sprinkled on the roll before and after. Grew up in Swampscott, Ma and loved the chop suey sandwiches at Salem Willow’s.

My Mom was born and raised in Medway, Mass. Also, taking a salt shaker and white bread to the garden for a sliced tomato and onion sandwich. (Sometimes, you can find it at the supermarket, other times you might need to get it at a butcher shop.) I really miss the linguica sandwiches, we can’t get linguica here either.

It was everywhere in 1964. I’m looking for the receipt for Anadama Bread ?

Saturday night suppers after s Satmayinee at the “EGGIE” and confession. Growing up in Greater Boston, I never heard of an Italian Sandwich with ham and American cheese. Where to get all the delights, anywhere in NE that you like, best ever.

This post originally appeared on A Family Feast in March 2013. I was lucky to have a gram who had a seafood restaurant and I got to gorge myself on fried clams and clam chowder.In my opinion, lobster rolls are best with butter. Don’t forget to serve with crispy fried noodles as a topping. Peanut butter and Fluff, beans, butter and sugar and the clam roll are my all time favorite for sure. They put the scraps together into a square shape, freeze it and slice it paper thin. Memories. Never heard of either the chow mein or Italian sandwiches. More yum!

The clam strip roll I have heard of but never tried.I don’t think it’s all that popular. Here in the UK they like to put potatoes in sandwiches : a “chip butty” has French fries and a “crisp butty” has potato chips! The meal was demolished by my husband and two boys (age 5 and 10) they all loved it. & the things I miss are the fried clam rolls, the chow mein & linguicia & chourico. I would take a grinder any day of the week over an Italian. Pastrami on a hard roll with thick onion slices and mustard were our Friday nite drive – in movie supper. He would be all over this sandwich! Crustest bread I ever had.

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