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Naspers (OTC:NPSNY) is mostly known for its giant stake in Chinese internet conglomerate Tencent (OTC:TCEHY), a massive investment win that Naspers made all the way back in 2001. It operates through the following business segments: Ecommerce, Social and internet platforms, media and Corporate. However, the crash in 2001 forced the company to make a lot of write-offs – among the Chinese activities in particular. Learn how your comment data is processed. Announced Date: Date when the Investment is announced, Organization Name: Name of the organization that received the investment, Lead Investor: This field indicates whether an investor led/organized the investment, Funding Round: Name of the funding round where the Investment is made, Money Raised: Amount of money raised in Funding Round, Acquiree Name: Name of the acquired organization, Announced Date: Date the acquisition was announced, Transaction Name: Auto-generated name of transaction (e.g. In 2012, 80% of Naspers stock price was based on their stake in Tencent and another 10% on their holding in But that’s not very helpful in terms of analysis of course. In the 1990s, the company changed its name to Naspers and listed itself on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Naspers has announced its results for the twelve … That meant that all other activity in the company was valued at only 10% of the total stock price. Click here to do that in a GDPR compliant manner. Naspers, Africa's biggest ecommerce and digital company, has just invested nearly $70-million into Takealot, South Africa's largest ecommerce site. Naspers did not disclose how much the deal was worth. FSN is active in SA, Namibia and Zambia, and “will soon expand to Angola as it extends its reach to the rest of the continent and beyond”. It was – and is – driven by necessity after having hit the investment equivalent of winning the Powerball – their investment in Tencent in 2001. is an online retailer that offers products across diverse categories. Which industries has this organization most actively invested in? On the day it listed on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam this week, Prosus – the international listing of South Africa's Naspers – became the largest consumer internet company in Europe, with a $105-billion valuation. Their original name was De Nasionale Pers Beperkt, and as the name implies they were nationalists – Afrikaner nationalists more specifically. The complete list is too long to list, but Crunchbase has a longer version for those of you that are especially curious. Naspers holds around 73% of Prosus shares, while 27% are floated. Internet giant Naspers's Foundry investment fund for South African startups has announced its first big bet with a $2 million investment in gig economy startup SweepSouth. “The investment strategy at the time was to find a replacement revenue source for its traditional print media business – which it forecast would decline in the advent of digital media” That's a quote from an article describing Naspers, a South African media company, in the 1980s. 21st September 2020 21st September 2020 by Alec Hogg. In general, investment companies often trade at less than their net asset value, but Naspers discount has been unusually high. The company operates an independent business-to-business marketplace that improves the process of food delivery and supply to the likes of restaurants and hotels. Naspers Ltd. is a global consumer internet group and the technology investors in the world. And then finally – the creation of Prosus, a new company which listed on Euronext Amsterdam in September of 2019. Naspers brings unparalleled global experience, marketplace expertise and extensive networks to the table. Naspers has acquired 13 organizations. Disclaimer: This should not be considered investment advice, and I do not hold any stock positions in Naspers, Prosus, or Tencent. South African media tycoon and self-made billionaire, Koos Bekker will step down this coming April as chief executive officer of Naspers Limited (formerly Nasionale Pers – National Press) after 17 years. The value of the Tencent stake still eclipses the value of the entire company. Alec Hogg: Naspers investment on notice as risk rises. Funds will expand Luno’s presence internationally, while keeping key offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos and Jakarta, Its start-up arm, Naspers Foundry, has just put R100m into agritech business Aerobotics, Online cleaning services platform says it has created 15,000 jobs, Naspers Foundry invests in Food Supply Network, This is its third deal, with FSN saying Naspers Foundry brings global experience, marketplace expertise and extensive networks to the table, Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa told Business Day in May that the company. Published by Arena Holdings and distributed with the Financial Mail on the last Thursday of every month except December and January. Flipkart is an e-commerce marketplace that offers over 30 million products cross 70+ categories. Naspers' current market cap is only $71.9 billion, about a 17% discount to the value of its stake in Prosus. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable investors of these companies, their management team, and recent news are also included. All rights reserved. So this move took some courage. As you can tell already, Naspers is quite complicated to analyze. Naspers continues investment drive, targeting India for growth. That may be why the company is only "dipping its toe" in the sale-and-buyback process at this point. Emerging market media and internet giant Naspers hit a significant milestone this week when it reached a R1-trillion ($64-billion) valuation, matching that of its home country South Africa. The Ascent is The Motley Fool's new personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life. It recently exited its investment in SA’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Luno, by selling its stake to US-based Digital Currency Group. By making more shares available, it may actually boost Prosus' weighting in these indexes. If the media assets that they owned weren’t going to rebalance the stock volatility – something else had to it. Remember, the Naspers market cap is only R1.3 trillion. Let me explain what I mean. Naspers started to invest a lot into other internet companies – predominantly in emerging markets. The final sale was made at 67.50 euros, a discount to where shares were trading at that time, but a bit higher than Prosus' current share price after a week of coronavirus fears. All in all, the fundamental question is: can Naspers do it again? Africa’s largest media company, Naspers, has invested $75 million in Souq, the largest online retailer in the United Arab Emirates. Naspers, the South Africa-based global internet and entertainment group, says it is selling its 11.18% stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart to Walmart for $2.2bn. Naspers, the most valuable listed company in Africa, will be selling $10-billion of its shares of Tencent (or 2% of its total shares) to invest in fintech, classified and online food delivery businesses. Its capabilities complement our own, as well as those of our existing partners at Venturen, which also participated in this round. But this time it was a defensive move rather than an offensive one. This was the turning point – when the South African media company started to become a global internet company. Instead of cautiously investing a little on the side, Naspers transformed themselves from a legacy media company to one of the most interesting and prominent internet investors in the world. In a bit of good news for Naspers shareholders, Naspers announced it plans to use the proceeds for a share repurchase program. Which industries has this organization had the most exits in? Founded in 1915, Naspers has transformed [...]. Of course, since Naspers also intends to buy back its own stock, it also probably thinks that Naspers stock is a huge long-term value. That’s a quote from an article describing Naspers, a South African media company, in the 1980s. Which types of acquisition does this organization make most frequently. Click here to do that in a GDPR compliant manner. See you at the top! Thus, more availability for indexes and institutions could actually spur interest, hopefully closing more of the gap between Prosus and its net asset value. The sale brought in around 1.5 billion euros, or about $1.66 billion in U.S. dollars to Naspers. Naspers is a global internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world Go to content. Naspers shares our vision of optimising the local and global food supply chains in an industry that still relies on manual processes.”. Your email address will not be published. The very success that put them where they are today, is the very thing that is holding them back. Naspers 's most notable exits include Flipkart, Konga Online Shopping, and Naspers has spent the past 20 years trying to diversify themselves. Here’s a selection of the e-commerce transactions that they’ve been part of: These are big deals. Naspers made the news this week again, this time for an investment in Food Supply Network for an undisclosed sum. “The investment strategy at the time was to find a replacement revenue source for its traditional print media business – which it forecast would decline in the advent of digital media”. Aviation: Taking off ... but clouded in ... Remgro: A stock that all South Africans should own, ANTHONY CLARK: Second opinion on Ascendis. © 2020 Arena Holdings. According to Naspers, the platform streamlines the process across the board as buyers reduce their administrative overhead, payment reconciliations and out-of-stock events; distributors improve service delivery and grow market share; and manufacturers drive sales by accurately showcasing all their brands, products and promotions throughout their supply chain. The Placing will offer an opportunity to the broad investment community to get exposure to the largest listed European consumer internet stock by asset value and thereby continue to broaden Prosus´s shareholder base.". On top of this confusion, Naspers also had – and still has – a structural disadvantage in that they primarily trade on the JSE – the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It sold a part of its stake in March 2018, raising some $10 billion. It’s fair to say that the dependency on this one holding is still very substantial. In early 2018, Naspers sold 6% of its stake in Tencent, just before the a video game ban in China and the global trade war tanked Tencent's stock. These factors could play in, but the market is often not as rational as it is made out to be. How many investments has this organization made over time? As a group, Naspers has concentrated its investments around food delivery, classifieds and fintech, in recent years. BuzzCity is a mobile media company providing brand owners with access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet. Naspers Foundry, which was created in October 2018, started with R1.4bn and has so far invested R30m in SweepSouth, an Uber-style online platform providing on-demand and regular home cleaning services in 2019; and R100m in agritech business Aerobotics earlier in 2020. WhatsApp acquired by Facebook). But still, all in all, very much a traditional media company with newspapers, books, magazines and television.

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