microsemi bend

It is available in J-bend design (SMLJ) with the DO-214AB package for greater PC board mounting density or in a Gull-wing design (SMLG) in the DO-215AB for visible solder connections. Currently there are no … These wafers originate here in Bend. In 1985, the founders of Advanced Power Technology had an idea: a new way to build a high powered transistor. These chips contain transistors which act as switches to control electrical currents. In the beginning, he says, all the majors companies were “in Silicon Valley.”, “Now,” he says, “it’s become truly a global business, and it’s extremely competitive.”. Map +1(541)-382-8028. The company decided to buy the Bend factory, rather than build its own in Pennsylvania, he said. According to Vandenberg, this means constantly looking to innovate and develop new capabilities in an industry where being on the cutting edge is not a goal but a necessity. We'd love to hear eyewitness or anything. Threats of harming another gcse.src = '' + cx; In fact, it was another Silicon Valley trope, the fear of corporate espionage, that drove what was then called Advanced Power Technology (APT) to Bend in the first place. Products | Applications | Company | Careers | Investors | Survey | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Product Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Blog |. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . gcse.async = true; VP/General Manager Bend: Marc Vandenberg Location/Website:, 405 SW Columbia St., Bend, OR 97702. �pHs�ݭ�����e)���,>�Y]s���*�rY!렑/�,�� aCje ���J�K�-r{�֔0SF[����ސ�������֑1�"���U+�?�˖�Lg6En�C�dv�l� �P�鏃"'KW�6{Ʃ@`��ˢ�dz���':��RI�fveIl4p�@֯���U9n�2LP\��S����'yzRe�z�(�7�o��B[�=����ۮ�#��r���dd��oDYV�O���N���tE�Q+$D3����_Q���W��gnd�6���!���5��s�*��X!��p��Q�ɞ{����$�2����kXx ���:�$�`?��=�|��yT� �q'�!,��-�e��u�~ Don't knowingly lie about anyone However, this inherent verbosity is simply a barrier to entry into a world that is undeniably cool. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); Audio, Voice, and Line Circuits Support Cases, Audio, Voice, and Line Circuits Documents, Ethernet Switches, PHYs, Software, Crosspoint Switches & Signal Conditioners Documents, FPGAs & SoCs Documents, Support Cases and Software Licenses, Low Power Radios Software and Support Cases, PON/FTTH - EPON & GPON Documents & Software, Timing & Synchronization Systems Documents, Software and Support Cases, Winpath Network Processors Documents, Software and Support Cases, Knowledge Base (Ethernet and Signal Integrity), Power, Small Signal and Protection Discretes Support, Storage ICs Portal (SAS/SATA & Switchtec PCIe Switches), New 30 kW Three-Phase Vienna PFC Reference Design, Power Semiconductors, Power Modules and RF Power MOSFETs Catalog, 30 kW 3-phase Vienna PFC Reference Design, Cost-optimized lowest power mid-range FPGAs, Best-in-class security and exceptional reliability, Zero reverse recovery charge improves system efficiency, Smaller footprint device reduces system size and weight, 2.5x more thermally conductive than silicon, Increased power density and improved reliability, High current, high switching frequency, high-efficiency SiC topologies, Extremely low parasitic loop stray inductance at 2.9 nanohenry, Easy to parallel module phase legs and ability to interconnect 3 modules, Full screw interconnection terminals for added reliability from vibrations, Standard SP6 package 62 mm x 108 mm footprint, Improved system efficiency, lower forward voltage, and higher switching frequency vs. silicon diodes, Exhibits essentially zero forward and reverse recovery losses vs. silicon diodes which have higher losses over temperature, Extreme robustness with no change in parameters even after 1,000 back-to-back surge hits, High unclamped inductive switching (UIS) capability, High repetitive UIS (R-UIS) capability with no degradation after more than 10 K hits at rated current, AEC-Q101 qualification for added reliability and ruggedness, Higher SiC power density and switching frequency vs. silicon enables smaller magnetics, transformers, and cooling elements for compact form factor (lowers system cost), Low RDS(on) across temperature (175 degrees Celsius) leads to lower switching losses operating temperature range, High R-UIS capability with no lifetime gate oxide degradation even after 100 K cycles, Longest short circuit withstand rating to protect circuit design, Low profile packages including low inductance SP6LI, Mix of silicon/silicon carbide diode and MOSFET die.

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