microprocessor 8085 tutorial

The starting address of the program is taken as 2000. The contents of the register identified within bracket, The content of the memory location whose address is in the register pair identified within brackets, Move the content of the one register to another, Add with carry immediate data to accumulator, Subtract memory from accumulator with borrow, Subtract immediate data from accumulator with borrow, Unconditional jump: jump to the instruction specified by the address, Conditional jump: jump to the instruction specified by the address if the specified condition is fulfilled, Unconditional CALL: Call the subroutine identified by the address, Unconditional CALL: Call the subroutine identified by the address if the specified condition is fulfilled, Call Subroutine if the result is not zero, Unconditional RET: Return from subroutine. About the Tutorial A microprocessor is a controlling unit of a micro-computer, fabricated on a small chip capable of performing Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU) operations and communicating with the other devices connected to it. This page of 8085 microprocessor tutorial describes 8085 microprocessor programming.It also mentions 8085 instruction set.It covers 8085 addressing modes viz. There are certain instructions which operate on the content of the accumulator. Return from subroutine if result is not minus. Tutorial On Introduction to 8085 Architecture and Programming . JavaTpoint offers college campus training on Core Java, Advance Java, .Net, Android, Hadoop, PHP, Web Technology and Python. 2500H, The high order register of a register pair, The low order register of a register pair. Microprocessor Tutorial Microprocessor Introduction Types of Microprocessors Microprocessor Architecture Instruction Set of 8085 Programming in 8085 Microprocessor Applications 8086 Microprocessor Instruction Set of 8086 Multiprocessor Configuration Memory and I/O Interfacing Microcontroller Peripheral Devices In some instructions, only one register is specified. |, |---------+--+-----+--+--------------------------+-------------|, |ACI n    |CE|*****| 7|Add with Carry Immediate  |A=A+n+CY     |, |ADC r    |8F|*****| 4|Add with Carry            |A=A+r+CY(21X)|, |ADC M    |8E|*****| 7|Add with Carry to Memory  |A=A+[HL]+CY  |, |ADD r    |87|*****| 4|Add                       |A=A+r   (20X)|, |ADD M    |86|*****| 7|Add to Memory             |A=A+[HL]     |, |ADI n    |C6|*****| 7|Add Immediate             |A=A+n        |, |ANA r    |A7|****0| 4|AND Accumulator           |A=A&r   (24X)|, |ANA M    |A6|****0| 7|AND Accumulator and Memory|A=A&[HL]     |, |ANI n    |E6|**0*0| 7|AND Immediate             |A=A&n        |, |CALL a   |CD|-----|18|Call unconditional        |-[SP]=PC,PC=a|, |CC a     |DC|-----| 9|Call on Carry             |If CY=1(18~s)|, |CM a     |FC|-----| 9|Call on Minus             |If S=1 (18~s)|, |CMA      |2F|-----| 4|Complement Accumulator    |A=~A         |, |CMC      |3F|----*| 4|Complement Carry          |CY=~CY       |, |CMP r    |BF|*****| 4|Compare                   |A-r     (27X)|, |CMP M    |BF|*****| 7|Compare with Memory       |A-[HL]       |, |CNC a    |D4|-----| 9|Call on No Carry          |If CY=0(18~s)|, |CNZ a    |C4|-----| 9|Call on No Zero           |If Z=0 (18~s)|, |CP a     |F4|-----| 9|Call on Plus              |If S=0 (18~s)|, |CPE a    |EC|-----| 9|Call on Parity Even       |If P=1 (18~s)|, |CPI n    |FE|*****| 7|Compare Immediate         |A-n          |, |CPO a    |E4|-----| 9|Call on Parity Odd        |If P=0 (18~s)|, |CZ a     |CC|-----| 9|Call on Zero              |If Z=1 (18~s)|, |DAA      |27|*****| 4|Decimal Adjust Accumulator|A=BCD format |, |DAD B    |09|----*|10|Double Add BC to HL       |HL=HL+BC     |, |DAD D    |19|----*|10|Double Add DE to HL       |HL=HL+DE     |, |DAD H    |29|----*|10|Double Add HL to HL       |HL=HL+HL     |, |DAD SP   |39|----*|10|Double Add SP to HL       |HL=HL+SP     |, |DCR r    |3D|****-| 4|Decrement                 |r=r-1   (0X5)|, |DCR M    |35|****-|10|Decrement Memory          |[HL]=[HL]-1  |, |DCX B    |0B|-----| 6|Decrement BC              |BC=BC-1      |, |DCX D    |1B|-----| 6|Decrement DE              |DE=DE-1      |, |DCX H    |2B|-----| 6|Decrement HL              |HL=HL-1      |, |DCX SP   |3B|-----| 6|Decrement Stack Pointer   |SP=SP-1      |, |DI       |F3|-----| 4|Disable Interrupts        |             |, |EI       |FB|-----| 4|Enable Interrupts         |             |, |HLT      |76|-----| 5|Halt                      |             |, |IN p     |DB|-----|10|Input                     |A=[p]        |, |INR r    |3C|****-| 4|Increment                 |r=r+1   (0X4)|, |INR M    |3C|****-|10|Increment Memory          |[HL]=[HL]+1  |, |INX B    |03|-----| 6|Increment BC              |BC=BC+1      |, |INX D    |13|-----| 6|Increment DE              |DE=DE+1      |, |INX H    |23|-----| 6|Increment HL              |HL=HL+1      |, |INX SP   |33|-----| 6|Increment Stack Pointer   |SP=SP+1      |, |JMP a    |C3|-----| 7|Jump unconditional        |PC=a         |, |JC a     |DA|-----| 7|Jump on Carry             |If CY=1(10~s)|, |JM a     |FA|-----| 7|Jump on Minus             |If S=1 (10~s)|, |JNC a    |D2|-----| 7|Jump on No Carry          |If CY=0(10~s)|, |JNZ a    |C2|-----| 7|Jump on No Zero           |If Z=0 (10~s)|, |JP a     |F2|-----| 7|Jump on Plus              |If S=0 (10~s)|, |JPE a    |EA|-----| 7|Jump on Parity Even       |If P=1 (10~s)|, |JPO a    |E2|-----| 7|Jump on Parity Odd        |If P=0 (10~s)|, |JZ a     |CA|-----| 7|Jump on Zero              |If Z=1 (10~s)|, |LDA a    |3A|-----|13|Load Accumulator direct   |A=[a]        |, |LDAX B   |0A|-----| 7|Load Accumulator indirect |A=[BC]       |, |LDAX D   |1A|-----| 7|Load Accumulator indirect |A=[DE]       |, |LHLD a   |2A|-----|16|Load HL Direct            |HL=[a]       |, |LXI B,nn |01|-----|10|Load Immediate BC         |BC=nn        |, |LXI D,nn |11|-----|10|Load Immediate DE         |DE=nn        |, |LXI H,nn |21|-----|10|Load Immediate HL         |HL=nn        |, |LXI SP,nn|31|-----|10|Load Immediate Stack Ptr  |SP=nn        |, |MOV r1,r2|7F|-----| 4|Move register to register |r1=r2   (1XX)|, |MOV M,r  |77|-----| 7|Move register to Memory   |[HL]=r  (16X)|, |MOV r,M  |7E|-----| 7|Move Memory to register   |r=[HL]  (1X6)|, |MVI r,n  |3E|-----| 7|Move Immediate            |r=n     (0X6)|, |MVI M,n  |36|-----|10|Move Immediate to Memory  |[HL]=n       |, |NOP      |00|-----| 4|No Operation              |             |, |ORA r    |B7|**0*0| 4|Inclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Avr   (26X)|, |ORA M    |B6|**0*0| 7|Inclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Av[HL]     |, |ORI n    |F6|**0*0| 7|Inclusive OR Immediate    |A=Avn        |, |OUT p    |D3|-----|10|Output                    |[p]=A        |, |PCHL     |E9|-----| 6|Jump HL indirect          |PC=[HL]      |, |POP B    |C1|-----|10|Pop BC                    |BC=[SP]+     |, |POP D    |D1|-----|10|Pop DE                    |DE=[SP]+     |, |POP H    |E1|-----|10|Pop HL                    |HL=[SP]+     |, |POP PSW  |F1|-----|10|Pop Processor Status Word |{PSW,A}=[SP]+|, |Mnemonic |Op|SZAPC|~s|Description               |Notes        |, |PUSH B   |C5|-----|12|Push BC                   |-[SP]=BC     |, |PUSH D   |D5|-----|12|Push DE                   |-[SP]=DE     |, |PUSH H   |E5|-----|12|Push HL                   |-[SP]=HL     |, |PUSH PSW |F5|-----|12|Push Processor Status Word|-[SP]={PSW,A}|, |RAL      |17|----*| 4|Rotate Accumulator Left   |A={CY,A}<-   |, |RAR      |1F|----*| 4|Rotate Accumulator Righ   |A=->{CY,A}   |, |RET      |C9|-----|10|Return                    |PC=[SP]+     |, |RC       |D8|-----| 6|Return on Carry           |If CY=1(12~s)|, |RIM      |20|-----| 4|Read Interrupt Mask       |A=mask       |, |RM       |F8|-----| 6|Return on Minus           |If S=1 (12~s)|, |RNC      |D0|-----| 6|Return on No Carry        |If CY=0(12~s)|, |RNZ      |C0|-----| 6|Return on No Zero         |If Z=0 (12~s)|, |RP       |F0|-----| 6|Return on Plus            |If S=0 (12~s)|, |RPE      |E8|-----| 6|Return on Parity Even     |If P=1 (12~s)|, |RPO      |E0|-----| 6|Return on Parity Odd      |If P=0 (12~s)|, |RZ       |C8|-----| 6|Return on Zero            |If Z=1 (12~s)|, |RLC      |07|----*| 4|Rotate Left Circular      |A=A<-        |, |RRC      |0F|----*| 4|Rotate Right Circular     |A=->A        |, |RST z    |C7|-----|12|Restart              (3X7)|-[SP]=PC,PC=z|, |SBB r    |9F|*****| 4|Subtract with Borrow      |A=A-r-CY     |, |SBB M    |9E|*****| 7|Subtract with Borrow      |A=A-[HL]-CY  |, |SBI n    |DE|*****| 7|Subtract with Borrow Immed|A=A-n-CY     |, |SHLD a   |22|-----|16|Store HL Direct           |[a]=HL       |, |SIM      |30|-----| 4|Set Interrupt Mask        |mask=A       |, |SPHL     |F9|-----| 6|Move HL to SP             |SP=HL        |, |STA a    |32|-----|13|Store Accumulator         |[a]=A        |, |STAX B   |02|-----| 7|Store Accumulator indirect|[BC]=A       |, |STAX D   |12|-----| 7|Store Accumulator indirect|[DE]=A       |, |STC      |37|----1| 4|Set Carry                 |CY=1         |, |SUB r    |97|*****| 4|Subtract                  |A=A-r   (22X)|, |SUB M    |96|*****| 7|Subtract Memory           |A=A-[HL]     |, |SUI n    |D6|*****| 7|Subtract Immediate        |A=A-n        |, |XCHG     |EB|-----| 4|Exchange HL with DE       |HL<->DE      |, |XRA r    |AF|**0*0| 4|Exclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Axr   (25X)|, |XRA M    |AE|**0*0| 7|Exclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Ax[HL]     |, |XRI n    |EE|**0*0| 7|Exclusive OR Immediate    |A=Axn        |, |XTHL     |E3|-----|16|Exchange stack Top with HL|[SP]<->HL    |, |------------+-----+--+----------------------------------------|, | PSW        |-*01 |  |Flag unaffected/affected/reset/set      |, | S          |S    |  |Sign (Bit 7)                            |, | Z          | Z   |  |Zero (Bit 6)                            |, | AC         |  A  |  |Auxilary Carry (Bit 4)                  |, | P          |   P |  |Parity (Bit 2)                          |, | CY         |    C|  |Carry (Bit 0)                           |, |---------------------+----------------------------------------|, | a p                 |Direct addressing                       |, | M z                 |Register indirect addressing            |, | n nn                |Immediate addressing                    |, | r                   |Register addressing                     |, |DB n(,n)             |Define Byte(s)                          |, |DB 'string'          |Define Byte ASCII character string      |, |DS nn                |Define Storage Block                    |, |DW nn(,nn)           |Define Word(s)                          |, | A  B  C  D  E  H  L |Registers (8-bit)                       |, | BC  DE  HL          |Register pairs (16-bit)                 |, | PC                  |Program Counter register (16-bit)       |, | PSW                 |Processor Status Word (8-bit)           |, | SP                  |Stack Pointer register (16-bit)         |, | a  nn               |16-bit address/data (0 to 65535)        |, | n  p                |8-bit data/port (0 to 255)              |, | r                   |Register (X=B,C,D,E,H,L,M,A)            |, | z                   |Vector (X=0H,8H,10H,18H,20H,28H,30H,38H)|, | +  -                |Arithmetic addition/subtraction         |, | &  ~                |Logical AND/NOT                         |, | v  x                |Logical inclusive/exclusive OR          |, | <-  ->              |Rotate left/right                       |, | <->                 |Exchange                                |, | [ ]                 |Indirect addressing                     |, | [ ]+  -[ ]          |Indirect address auto-inc/decrement     |, | { }                 |Combination operands                    |, | ( X )               |Octal op code where X is a 3-bit code   |, | If ( ~s)            |Number of cycles if condition true      |, --------------------------------------------------------------, Copyright ©

Push the content of register pair to stack, Register(source)/register Indirect(destination), Pop the content of register pair, which was saved, from the stack, Moves the contents of H-L pair to stack pointer. They can be combined as register pairs - BC, DE, and HL - to perform some 16-bit operations. 8085 functional description. Some instructions specify two registers.

Return from subroutine if result is zero. This page of 8085 microprocessor tutorial describes 8085 microprocessor programming.It also mentions 8085 instruction set.It covers 8085 addressing modes viz. 8085 pin description. For this instruction, the operand is in the memory. These signals are used to identify the nature of operation. (All rights reserved). Intel 8085 is an 8-bit, NMOS microprocessor designed by Intel in 1977. Mail us on, to get more information about given services. The content of the specified register is one of the operands. Return from subroutine if result is not zero. One of the registers A, B, C, D, E, H or L, Appearing at the end of the group of digits specifies hexadecimal, e.g. LXI H, 2500 is an example of immediate addressing. Problem – Write an assembly language program to add two 8 bit numbers stored at address 2050 and address 2051 in 8085 microprocessor.

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