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Notification via fax to: (215) 553-5402; attention Lost Securities Dept. It is suggested that the shipment be insured for 2% of the current value of the shares. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: - Log in to your online profile via the Log In button at the top of the page or on and review past transactions, download tax information, or update your account information.

The letter of instruction must be accompanied by a Legal Transfer Form bearing the appropriate signature(s). S&P and/or its Client shall have the right at any time to modify or discontinue any aspect of the Site or any part of the Contents. These rules apply within a defined period of time: typically 3 or 5 years and if there is no owner-initiated contact, the shareholder’s stock is considered “dormant”.

How can I sell my shares that are held in certificate form? A surety bond is typically obtained by paying a premium to the surety company equal to 2% of the current value of the shares being replaced.

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a publicly traded company that owns, operates or finances income-producing properties. Securities held in a brokerage account, and registered in the name of the broker or other institution, are referred to as being in "street name" or "beneficial shares." If so, you may enroll in the plan in any of the following ways: Make the investment via your online account. In some cases additional documents will be required to complete the transfer. Dividend Reinvest Plans (DRIP) and Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPP) are plans provided on behalf of corporations to simplify investment activity. A custodial registration for a minor is a common form of this registration type. S&P, ITS CLIENT, AND ANY OTHER PROVIDERS OF THE INFORMATION EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY OF ACCURACY, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Should one of the parties die, ownership of the shares passes to the surviving tenant(s). DSPPs offer investors the opportunity to buy shares directly from the corporation, via the transfer agent, often without involving a broker.

It is the annual process of complying with state law whereby the state gains custody of assets meeting certain criteria for presumptive abandonment. For example: Mary Smith Cust Don Smith NY Unif Trans Min Act. By using the Site, you agree to these Terms of Use.

If the stock issuer supports these stock options, you may deposit your certificated share(s) into the DRS Book Entry form or Plan form in order to sell through Broadridge. Registered shareholders receive dividends, proxies and other communications directly from the corporation via the transfer agent or the corporation directly. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. The use of a first name is desirable. Please note that participation in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan is considered passive investing because dividends are automatically invested and not at the request of the shareholder. Box 1342Brentwood, NY 11717. Your continued use of the Site shall constitute acceptance of such modification. Confirm that Broadridge is the transfer agent - our name will usually appear on the certificate.

Transfer shares to your broker via the transfer process (see FAQ "Ownership Questions").

You can access your account information from our secure website by clicking on the shareholder Log In link, where you can: Non-US citizens, Corporate Account holders, Trustees or Custodians for minors will require a PIN to establish their account. Include any additional instructions indicating how you wish the shares to be transferred. Some plans do require that investors own a minimum number of shares prior to participating in a plan.

Mail your certificates to Broadridge at the address below with a completed Legal Transfer Form which can be downloaded at the right: The Legal Transfer Form must be appropriately signed by all registered holders, exactly as the name(s) appear on the face of the certificate(s) or must be accompanied by a stock power bearing the appropriate signature(s). Example: Mary Smith is preferred instead of M Smith.

How can I avoid having an account which is considered dormant?

MAA (NYSE: MAA) is an S&P 500 company and real estate investment trust (REIT), focused on delivering full-cycle and strong investment performance for shareholders through the ownership, management, acquisition, development and redevelopment of quality apartment communities.

These Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms of Use") set forth the terms on which you may use the Site, and the information and materials contained therein (the "Contents"). NEITHER, S&P, THE CLIENT NOR EITHER OF THEIR AFFILIATES, SHAREHOLDERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR REPRESENTATIVES SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY , PUNITIVE SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THE SITE, THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE SITE, OR THE CONTENTS, EVEN IF SUCH PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Broadridge can support the sale of your shares if they are held in DRS (no certificates) as part of a Dividend Reinvest Plan (DRIP), Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) or Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP). We recommend that all certificates be sent by registered mail, return receipt requested. Include any additional instructions indicating how you wish the shares to be transferred. How can I obtain a copy of my 1099?You may download and print a copy of a Broadridge issued 1099 by accessing your online account at In some cases additional documents will be required to complete the transfer.

These Terms of Use are the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and it can be amended only via written agreement by S&P.

A registered shareholder is the owner of record on the books of the corporation, generally kept by the transfer agent. Such participation alone will not prevent your account from falling dormant in the future. Request that Broadridge facilitate the sale of your shares by completing the form attached to your account statement and returning it to Broadridge. Otherwise, if your shares are not part of such plans, you must take your certificate(s) to a securities broker to sell the shares.

Additionally, you can contact us via mail or by contacting a client service representative by calling the company specific number found here. IMPORTANT: You must be able to provide the name of the security, the certificate number(s), the name of the registered owner(s), and the number of shares in all communications. The state holds the assets, or their cash equivalent, until such time as they are claimed by the owner or legal claimant. Transfer agents are obligated to ensure that such stamps appear on the transfer documents and are entitled to refuse a transfer of shares if a signature is not guaranteed with a stamp. Visit your online account and change your investment elections in the appropriate plan section. Such reporting causes outstanding certificates in your possession to be cancelled and re-issued in the name of the State.

The company specific number can be found here. Change your elections by completing the form on your account statement and returning it to Broadridge.

These instructions should provide the name, address and Social Security Number for each transferee and should indicate the number of shares to be transferred. Confirm that Broadridge is the transfer agent - our name will usually appear on your account statement. In the event of loss, a surety bond of 2% will be required to replace the certificates. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you are not authorized to use the Site or Contents in any manner, and you should immediately discontinue any use of the Site or the Contents.

The broker will then have the shares transferred from Broadridge to your brokerage account.

: 720-414-6864 Fax: 215-553-5402 MAA (NYSE: MAA) is an S&P 500 company and real estate investment trust (REIT), focused on delivering full-cycle and strong investment performance for shareholders through the ownership, management, acquisition, development and redevelopment of quality apartment communities.

You should receive your 1099 by mid-February. Once you notify us of your certificate loss, we will initiate the process for you and then ask that you finalize the paperwork and submit the appropriate payment for processing. Currently, the period for statement of applicant [for the bust transport] is running, Spain-based Tecnicas Reunidas is the lowest bidder with a price of $1.45 billion for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract of the fifth gas train that is being built by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) at the Mina Al Ahmadi (, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Grab raises $4.5 billion in SE Asia's largest financing round, MAA wins Sole Agency in Sri Lanka for Turkuaz/CeraStyle bath ware, Tobiko vows to unite 'divided' Maa community, US REITs MAA , Post Properties Close Merger, Buying Post Properties: a really big deal for mid-America, Zurich Insurance buys into Takaful in Malaysia, Culture Minister cancels permit for export of Bernini's Bust of Pope Paul V, Tecnicas Reunidas lowest bidder for KNPC 5th gas train, Maa- ja Elintarviketalouden Tutkimuskeskus, Maa- ja Metsätaloustuottajain Keskusliitto Mtk ry, Maritime Arbitration Association of the United States, The Manufacturers' Agents' Association of Great Britain and Ireland Incorporated.

Mid-American Apartment Communities-(MAA)-is a self-administered, self-managed apartment-only real estate investment trust which owns or has ownership interest in 41,120 apartment units throughout the Sunbelt region of the U.S. As a REIT, capital gains are accounted for differently, so … IN PARTICULAR, S&P WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY YOUR RELIANCE ON INFORMATION OBTAINED THROUGH THE SITE. To request a PIN, please contact customer service at 877-206-4722 or email us at

Escheatment is the term used to describe the end result of unclaimed property compliance. Learn more about … Example: Mary Smith & Barbara Smith Ten Com.

Signature Guarantee Programs have been developed and eligible financial institutions which subscribe to such programs are issued "Medallion Guarantee Stamps". There are several custodial registrations possible. REIT Type Ticker Symbol Lamar Advertising Company: Advertising ... Essex Property Trust: Apartments NYSE: ESS: Mid-America Apartment Communities: Apartments NYSE: MAA: UDR, Inc. Apartments Please refer to page two of the Legal Transfer Form for additional document requirements based on your stock transferring situation. MAA is headquartered in Germantown, Tennessee., "We will be investing the vast bulk of this capital we have raised into expanding our super-app platform and providing new services to our customers, particularly in Indonesia,". S&P and Client reserve all rights not expressly granted, including the right to terminate your use of the Site without notice. The investor relations site ("Site") with which this document is associated is maintained by S&P Global Market Intelligence ("S&P") on behalf of the organization featured on the Site (S&P's "Client").

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