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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This technology is used in LED bulbs and tubes. Double-power 3528 LED strips use a 2-ounce 10mm wide PCB to disperse heat effectively, in order not to require an extra heat sink when installed. Let us know so we can make you our top priority!

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Warm White or Cool White Better for Eyes? This code is less complicated than it looks – it simply indicates the size of the LED chip.

You can find out more about each LED chip below. We can supply small free samples of our LED tapes. We offer this product in all shades of white. Flip-chip not only shortens the production process (which means cost reduction), but also significantly reduce thermal resistance and result in higher heat dissipation rate than in the traditional golden wire bonding COB LED. When purchasing LED strip lights, you should ask yourselves these questions: If you’re in the trade, InStyle are ready to give the extra care and backing you need. SMD (Surface mounted diode) is a standalone chip on a ceramic base that can be integrated into various packages for linear LED strips or downlights.

30 LEDs per metre (known as 7.2w p/m or 7.5w p/m LED tape) outputs up to 500 lumens per metre and is ideal for feature lighting such as covings, plinths in homes, hotels, restaurants and bars. Choosing LED Strips – how to find the right LEDs for your project. The other big difference between COB and SMD technology lies in the fact that while SMD requires a circuit for every diode included on the chip, COB devices only have 1 circuit and 2 contacts for the entire chip regardless of the number of diodes. Fittings & Set Up – can InStyle install my LEDs for me?

Do you want feature lighting, task lighting, colour changing, waterproof, etc. That saves our trade customers 1000's of pounds over the years, in replacements and labour costs.

As soon as oncoming traffic is detected the appropriate pixels are automatically switched off.”.

SMD chips can have 2, 4 or 6 contacts, depending on the number of diodes on the chip. InStyle offer red, green, blue, amber, and both warm and cool white 3528 SMDs as standard colours. In the end, the type of SMD chip doesn’t matter – as long as it can meet your requirements. LED chips (also known as surface mounted diodes or SMDs) are all identified by a four-digit number. SMD (Surface mounted diode) is a standalone chip on a ceramic base that can be integrated into various packages for linear LED strips or downlights.

By linking this type of RGB LED strip light to a controller, you can mix any shade of any colour you choose.

Used 8 hours per day, overheating could see you lose up to 20% in brightness per year! The 5050 SMD is actually a ‘tri’ chip, meaning it has three smaller chips in every SMD. Both types are also available in waterproofed versions (IP67-rated). Garden Lights – choose & install LEDs for outdoor lighting projects, Installing LED Tape – how to wire your large LED projects, Installing LED Tape – how to wire your small LED projects, Orders & Payments – how to shop with InStyle LED, Positioning LED Tapes – tips for covings, plinths, cabinets and more, Powering LEDs – how to drive InStyle’s LED tape lights.

COB (chip on board) LED, which comes as a high powered chip in direct contact with a printed circuit board optimal thermal management.

5050s can also be used for colour-changing LED tape, with red, green and blue chips inside each LED. LEDs like 3528s, 5050s, 2835s and 5630s aren’t really different types of chip at all – they’re simply different sizes.

Ledvance/OSRAM claims that “EVIYOS is the first smart and controllable LED that combines a microstructured LED chip with an intelligent IC being capable of generating pixelated and individually controlled light in just one device.

Epistar-branded SMDs are extremely high quality and give you the brightest 3528 SMDs on the market. The basic types of chip LEDs are:. It is a great choice for LED indoor lighting. Manufacturer: Xi an Razorlux Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. / Room A102, Building A, West Electronic Community No.181 South of Taibai Road, Hi-Tech Zone,Xi’an, Shaanxi.

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