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/S <>>> R 0 0 0 Plus, we've never had a tapeout error due to verification." %PDF-1.5 0 stream /MediaBox Server Login For server access, we recommend you use a remote desktop client called x2go ... global pins that are shared throughout the design automatically. News & Press | << [ 4��K���٩��;�_Q�(~A���. >> /Creator (pdfFactory Pro R ���d*�v��&G R 7 %PDF-1.3 /Resources ���m�o���� /Page 1 International Websites, © Mentor, a Siemens Business, All rights reserved, This site uses cookies to improve your user experience and to provide you with content we believe will be of interest to you. << 8 9 9�yU���[�ju��%E]@5b>|�����PuS��ʐ���3�o��aX���(����V���U>��8�R�i_5�@H��Yͯ��1�S.�0�}�����3!��Z{���y�!��)��$Oy*`�\NG%M���6����}6��"��D�}Q �G0�@,��j���H�B�����Xї5�NS�A[����Q��,�¶�;���G�A�EQ¡I7R��y���%�)�`���q��������]Əa�=�@�s+�s��L�TjX�5� ���:G�r��n����ug�t;�ͤu����6�~.�D��ϙ�[�J ��ro���Kc��7�>t��" ����,�q�e �)�zq�N�P׉�Bazl��}�FیӀN�ڒ�- H���g�fGV&����c��un�A[2S%eQ�JIT_T���Re�о����[�ޛ�=�{L�x��1_&����oe endobj 4 0 obj endobj <> 1. <> G�P��,��hh�IX�uqf!q4�"wE�1�\�`cw =C�&�=��+yV{���+���Q��W})L�g������t5= g��u��/RZ'"� "��ɣ�%Ц��(����pDYZ�N�a}*�,C^�]i2%��"�`sU�\Z8?�0��(�i�H�����Mo�/V�n\4G �\'ľE_:æ�N���W�L0�{kM��CpA��X#�NkmY�M8�MR���"��3Ar�7݁�\&���g���Y}��c�36(�������K �M�ˋĕ�ğ�=�w �&�M�|��O��i���Y{��Xc��+�W�>GB���. 624 0 ] 800 stream /Contents Topics for Digital IC Design Methodology • Day 1 –Specification –Microarchitecture –RTL coding –CMOS process selection • Day 2 –Implementation flow overview –Synthesis –Static timing analysis –Test –Floorplanning –Timing closure 2 obj Mentor support was fast, friendly and professional. Tanner S-Edit Schematic Capture. 36 0 << /Length Subsequently, Instantaneous Technologies offers quantifiably large benefits to practically all ICs through advanced IP blocks." /DeviceRGB R 1 /Group /Resources 0 800 /Group >> >> >> endobj Class 01: Overview of IC Design Flow In 1965, Gordon Moore was preparing a speech and made a memorable observation. 800 << cɬ�"*t�{XJf"���33�G���f�S�l. /Group /Nums endobj /Transparency The purpose of this journal is document a simple full custom IC design project from the beginning to end in order that students new to the field of IC design might learn aboutthe IC design process vicariously before they embark on a project for themselves. << ] /Page [ ] Specifications comes first, they describe abstractly, the functionality, interface, and the architecture of the digital IC circuit to be designed. %���� << Digital IC Design Flow Lecturer: Chihhao Chao Advisor: Prof. An-Yeu Wu Date: 2006.3.8. ] /Type 0 /FlateDecode 0 ] 6 0 obj R %���� endobj 4 /Title (20060308_IC_Design_Flow.ppt) endobj /Filter Power constraints Embedded devices are more power constraints Budget Constraints IC for satellites have far more budget than IC for consumer electronics Timing Constraints GPU IC's extremely fast embedded microcontrollers have much relaxed timing constraints Fault redundancy 1. >> 0 endobj 18 0 obj >> /S endobj 23 19 /S /Contents 48 [ /FlateDecode 35 24 R 7 0 obj ] endobj >> Topics for Digital IC Design Methodology • Day 1 –Specification –Microarchitecture –RTL coding –CMOS process selection • Day 2 –Implementation flow overview –Synthesis –Static timing analysis –Test –Floorplanning –Timing closure 41 /Type 16 >> endobj endobj >> endobj /Resources /CS 0 /DeviceRGB The flow reads the PCB or package connectivity and creates a schematic with parasitic models stitched-in. << stream << /Type Design Specification What the IC is suppose to do? /Filter <>>> 0 0 The various levels of design are numbered and the blocks show processes in the design flow. ���X�T�ύ}vlo->������kHK�imeI���,7����~���r}z�D��2;��%��?Z����}�����_�. 20 0 10 R >> View On-demand Web Seminar, Test-drive Tanner Tools and discover the power of its complete IC design flow, including schematic capture analog simulation, physical layout, and verification. �"z�)�3��J��gA2p�%q������[�ժ:�����с�v:1������f'�#8alT�Z���Т�hGMhN3�[���]j����4-������cj�a/�_~��E�Z؉���˻"N�N��V�z岊��Em /Outlines obj 12 0 obj 0 Arraying, duplicate functions and schematic driven layout saved a significant amount of layout time. 0 0 /Type stream /Length 3�f�딢�tL� stream obj << >> endstream endobj <> >> R 7 Therefore, we integrated the trusted IPKISS Photonic IC design tool into L-Edit so that photonic IC designers can improve their design yield by combining expert PIC knowledge into a reliable electronics design flow. 0 /Annots /Page obj [ endstream 201 ] /Transparency R 45 stream endobj endstream /JavaScript 0 endobj 16 R 0 0 /Creator m��PD�#އ���@ ��BJ����޲2�o @�C����� ���8X�M���M= [ endobj R 0 0 Careers | << 29 0 Each new chip contained roughly twice as much capacity as its predecessor, and each chip was released within 18-24 months of the previous chip. /Annots /DeviceRGB /D 0 /Contents obj >> obj /Parent 0 /Resources �e�n$�"dۻ@�XP�;'c�����q O`K���3/_ůs��y#�u�6�G66W>�S���� z�:5���^� �s�h��1d�sD�J���Y�4��i���e�;��h3_� �(E���)TW�צS�9�͵>�FG��9#N#��-K����7(���C���@�T���o'A�MM�v3����C�G�|ˆ�%�?|�7$��P�mZAo�{G�㻏�KS��\Ӄ�emWGd�������%�����N��+#��ds9�� _��~���TY�z��{�p�8n��K!���9,�n��������8!�qcl���o�)Mzo�!a\�q���>nNc(�S5~v�m���0�zcktz� �=}0I&� �i�M�C����"sC���Q�5rv��;�G �� ���-ٴ�\�����.-`�6�@��h�u|. R 0 0 0 .&��W���sPd�nl��)h=zh���E���%[Y������]�6N�d�4�*-]����4�4`I[��� U��|�����N�\#M��/Y���GJц���!����"Z�}����F�o4'��o��v[+�0�g��h����7��֭� 3�M����)��_�O#�9~����Rm�n;�1;��A1^�A��Ԟ[�{p��8��OaqV`@���8�&(�P�`�uqG��M��gO�f`�4���������x���H�v�c�����u:���/'g��������E)�rjQ1�D�EA�9B�K�.9W�﨟��j(��:« ,���6.��ߝ���j���j�.��4�I%�"�Є� R /Length There’s never been anything as easy to use for this as Tanner tools." /Resources >> << Detailed information on the use of cookies on this website is provided in our, Full Chip Assembly & Physical Verfication. With L-Edit, I can go from concept to finished GDSII in about two weeks. obj [ endobj [ [ (�� G o o g l e) << endobj IC Community Silicon foundry IC design Design rules Simulation models and parameters Mask layouts Integrated circuits Advanced Reliable Systems (ARES) Lab.

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