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It's the sparse vegetation, a dusting of sage and low-lying brush; it's the distance hills and big skies that dwarf the landscape. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Frisco is a ghost town in Beaver County, Utah, USA. Love Utah? Thank you! We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing.

You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Frisco’s mine collapsed on February 12, 1885. Some say that when you wander through the crumbling foundations and vacant buildings of Frisco today you feel unsettled and as though someone is watching you. Get Delicious Pizza And Pasta For Dine In Or To Go At Juniper Pizza Cafe In Utah, Red Canyon Is A Hidden Treasure With Impressive Rock Formations And Hiking Trails In Southern Utah, Archibald’s Restaurant In Utah Is Located In A Beautiful, Historic Flour Mill That Dates Back To 1877, The Murray City Cemetery Is One Of Utah’s Spookiest Cemeteries, Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural Utah, The Devastating Story Of The Utah Town That Vanished Overnight, We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To Utah’s Most Abandoned Places, This Spooky Small Town In Utah Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie,, The Great Southwestern Exploration Company/flickr, A Trip To This Underrated Utah National Park Will Make Your Summer Complete, Tiny But Mighty, Tacos Don Rafa In Utah Has Some Unbelievable Dishes, The Utah Restaurant Hiding In Plain Sight That Serves The Best Italian Food Ever, These 11 Scenes Will Remind You Why Utah’s Winters Aren’t So Bad, This Mesmerizing Drone Footage Takes You High Above Utah’s Wilderness Like Never Before.

Tell us about it! And it's the lack of people. The tourists found other places to stop along the Interstate, and by the 1990s the town was deserted. During the 1880s, the town flooded several times and residents began leaving.

When steam locomotives were phased out in favor of diesel in the 1950s, the need for frequent water stops led to fewer stops in Thistle. The dam reached almost 300 feet in height. [2], With 23 saloons, Frisco was known as the wildest town in the Great Basin. However, there are stories and rumors about Frisco’s dead…. Catherine loves local bookstores, independent films, and spending time with her family, including Gus the golden retriever, who is a very good boy. Settlers built a new town nearby in 1862 and named it Grafton. Luckily, no one died that day, but the collapse was the death knell for Frisco. Heavy rainfall that spring led to a devastating landslide in April, which blocked the Spanish Fork River. Instead, any criminals hanging out had 24 hours to leave or be shot. Have you visited any of these ghost towns? After many years of desertion, another company made an attempt to mine here in 2002. In many, only the falling-down remnants of a single small building remain to leave witness to their existence. [2][3] It was an active mining camp from 1879 to 1929. Volunteers tore down and rebuilt the structures in 1999. After severe flooding in the late 1980s, the movie set was in bad shape. One rumor is that she left her toddler at home on the day of the 1927 avalanches and the boy was killed. By 1900, only 500 people remained; in 1912, just 150 residents were left.

[6], In 1905 a Mormon ward was organized, but in 1911, with the closing of many of the mines, so many church members had left that the ward was discontinued. They stuck around a few more decades, but the LDS Church closed the local ward in 1921. Many heeded his warning; others did not. … In 1911, a gold mine brought some hope that the town would regenerate. Grafton wasn’t the best place to grow cotton; silt from the Virgin clogged up irrigation ditches on a regular basis. The history of Grafton is short -- by 1890 only four families resided in the town. Frisco is a ghost town[2] in Beaver County, Utah, USA. The town began to decrease in population. Have you ever visited Frisco? The next day, the marshall shot six outlaws. It was a tough place to live, too.

In its heyday, Frisco had 6,000 residents. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately.

By 1885, over $60 million worth had been hauled out of Frisco, and people were making some serious money.

Utah has over 100 ghost towns.

If you’re ready to explore some more of Utah’s ghost towns, check out this article.

Thistle was completely destroyed. During the Black Hawk war in 1866, residents fled to the safety of Rockville. The railroad came through in 1878; rail traffic increased over the next few decades.

No one is quite sure when the woman died, or how. It also changed its name from Liberty to Latuda -- the post office had informed the town that there were already too many towns in Utah named Liberty! In 1961, filmmakers for the movie Sergeants 3 built an Old West town about 1 mile west of Pahreah.

Grafton was cut off from neighboring towns by the river. Luckily no one was killed, but the most productive part of the mine was hopelessly buried.

Whatever the circumstance, several visitors and locals claim to have seen The White Lady. Now, nobody lives here. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately.

It was an unconventional mine, an open pit 900 feet (270 m) deep braced with timbers, and could have collapsed at any time. Drunk miners with no sheriff in town is a recipe for violence, and the town gained a reputation for its frequent murders.

The town quickly grew and soon had many sandstone and log homes, a general store and a church. [3] By 1885, over $60,000,000 worth of zinc, copper, lead, silver, and gold had been transported from Frisco from the many mines in the area. [7] It also had 28 saloons, numerous brothels and several gambling halls.

Afterward, the town became a more peaceful place to live. Latuda is a true “ghost” town -- it’s reportedly haunted by a ghost called The White Lady of Latuda.

Frisco was a wild mining town between 1879 and 1929. The Horn Silver mine and others in the area were full of gold, silver, copper and zinc.

Writer, editor and researcher with a passion for exploring new places. Gold, silver, zinc and copper were mined from this town, and its mine was one of the most productive in the area.

Love Utah? In remote 1880s Frisco, with the nearest Sheriff over two hours away, it meant that disputes over women and gambling games resulted in shootouts and murders. By 1983, only a few residents remained in Thistle.

Over the next few decades, the town dwindled. [2][3] The Horn Silver Mine was discovered in 1875,[2][3] and had produced $20,267,078 worth of ore by 1885. Visit these six ghost towns to get a unique glimpse of Utah’s history. The set was destroyed in an arson fire in August, 2006.

Its elevation is 6,500 feet (2,000 m).

The coal mining venture brought families to the town -- about 20 homes surrounded the mine by 1918. Consumed with guilt, she later committed suicide. The ground was shaking and trembling below, and the mine had already suffered several minor cave ins. Tell us about your visit! He told the criminals of Frisco to either leave or be shot. You wouldn’t know it now, but the little ghost town of Frisco was once a bustling, busy place with as many as 6,000 residents. At its peak in 1885, Frisco was a thriving town of 6,000 people.

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As part of the project, settlers founded the town of Wheeler in 1859. After dozens of homicides, a marshall was hired to clean up the crime. The California Zephyr still goes through Cisco, but doesn’t stop. Latuda is a true “ghost” town -- it’s reportedly haunted by a ghost called The White Lady of Latuda. Rumor has it that the sheriff shot six men the first night; countless others left town. So, here was a town full of drunk men with their pockets full of money. The mine owners weren’t the only ones celebrating in Frisco -- the miners enjoyed 26 saloons and many gambling businesses and brothels. Considering all the violent deaths that occurred in its early days, that’s no surprise. Thistle was always a small town; at its peak in 1917 it had 600 residents, a machine shop, passenger depot, school, post office, saloon, barber shop and some restaurants. In 1927, disaster struck. The town of Frisco sprung up in 1875 when mineral-rich ore was found in the area. Frisco was a ghost town by the 1920s. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: Johnny Cash sang about it in “Cisco Clifton’s Filling Station,” and Thelma and Louise visited it.

Mormon settlers founded this town in 1870. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more!

Some Utah ghost towns still contain several structures that give visitors a clue of what life was like back in the heyday of mining and railroads. It quickly gained the reputation for being the wildest town in the Wild West. [2], Frisco is located at 38°27′35″N 113°15′32″W / 38.45972°N 113.25889°W / 38.45972; -113.25889. Catherine loves local bookstores, independent films, and spending time with her family, including Gus the golden retriever, who is a very good boy. In a modern city like Las Vegas, this equates to a bunch of petty crimes and arrest (revelers get drunk, throw a punch or two, go to jail).

Cisco got its start in the 1880s as a railroad town -- it was an invaluable station for cattle and sheep ranchers and served as a water stop for the steam-powered locomotives of the time. A sheriff arrived, and he was a pretty straightforward guy.


Another theory is that she died during the avalanche. At its peak in 1885, Frisco was a thriving town of 6,000 people. Standing in the Basin and Range topography of Utah's West Desert at ghost town Frisco, you'll feel the solitude of the space. It was an active mining camp from 1879 to 1929. The mining operation slowed down in 1954 and shut down completely in 1967. The mine produced millions of dollars in copper, silver, gold and other minerals. As the graveyard shift emerged from the mine, completely collapsed.

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