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1 GHz or faster processor ©2006-2020 Fluke Corporation. The DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series has become the premier network certification tester in the market for professional data communication installers, as well as LAN network infrastructure staffs. ©2006-2020 Fluke Corporation. Share with your customer
Keep track of test results data by creating projects per site. Those cable IDs can come from CMS and/or labeling software.Up until now, creating cable IDs in testers has been a time-consuming manual process. Defibrillator Analyzers; Digital Pressure Meters; Electrical Safety Analyzers; Electrosurgery Analyzers

No other fiber test solution documents the fiber infrastructure so completely and easily. Depending on the task the field test instrument performs, it can be classified into one of the three hierarchical groups: certification, qualification, or … The TS22 Series telephone test equipment offers a combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility. Selection of Fluke Test Leads. Farnell heeft snelle offertes, verzending op dezelfde dag, snelle levering, brede voorraad, datasheets & technische ondersteuning. International: 1-425-446-4519 LinkWare PC Cable Test Management Software lets you manage certification results data from multiple testers with one PC application. Koop FLUKE Test Power Supplies & Chargers. Importing data from a multimedia card is easy. At the end of the day, someone needs to organize all of the collected data. Network Cabling Contractors and Installers, Fiber Optic Power Meters and Fault Locators. 1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB RAM (64-bit) You can update the tester, a remote tester, and other testers. Fluke 9040EUR € 217,00: Fluke 9062 € 199,00: CNX v3000 Draadloze AC-spanningsmodule Fluke CNX V3000 € 149,00: Contactloze wisselspanningzoeker en LED-zaklamp Fluke LVD1A € 38,00: Contactloze wisselspanningzoeker en LED-zaklamp Fluke LVD2 € 42,00: Test unit kit Fluke PRV240 € 168,00: Test unit kit (proving unit) t.b.v. In addition to label building and printing, Labacus 4300 enables downloading of cable IDs into the DSP-4300. Another testing solution, tone and probe kits, can be used to troubleshoot installed cabling plants. For the past 100 years, telephone line testers a test set’s functionality hasn’t changed much. A simple click on the toolbar and you can import data from many Fluke Networks cabling testers to your PC automatically. This easy to use application allows you to electronically archive and manage your reports.

LinkWare Cable Test Management Software lets you manage all the results from multiple testers using one PC application. This makes them more “future proof” because new network technologies can emerge that base their designs on these standards and would therefore be supported by the certified installed cabling. Creating Projects Whether it's 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX or 1000BASE-T, there are specific requirements and potential pitfalls in implementing these technologies.

For example, if your cable IDs contain characters that represent patch panels, telecommunications rooms, and floors the Wizard can add these icons to the project structure; then place the records at the correct levels in the structure. Benefits of an Integrated Approach, Labeling Software and LabelsPAN-MARK™ for Windows® Labeling Software. All rights reserved. While some features overlap between test tools, each group answers a unique network testing need and provides a different level of operational assurance. Qualification testers perform tests that decide whether an existing cabling link will support the requirements for “Fast Ethernet” (100BASE-TX), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or Gigabit Ethernet. Better verification test tools also verify wire pairing and detect installation defects like “split pairs”. Text Format: Test reports that contain the numeric summary of all tests. Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 Fluke Networks is the worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure.

The TS30 features the latest in telephone test set case design, at an affordable price.

Times are changing, networks are changing and now butt sets are changing. As networks evolve, so do the requirements of the cabling infrastructure to support them. Order by 8pm for same day dispatch. ©2006-2020 Fluke Corporation. Summary Format: Report that provides a one-line summary of each cabling link tested. Flexible Import Wizard All rights reserved. Integration of documentation yields significant benefits including: Time-savings in the office by eliminating cable ID errors in the field, Professional results efficiently delivered, Readily-accessible cabling performance information, Improved management of moves, adds, and changes, Maximized business uptime for improved profitability, Import data from most electronic databases such as Excel™ and Access™, All label formats for Panduit thermal transfer, ink jet, laser and dot-matrix labels, Date, time, series, graphic and data import fields, Fiber Optic Power Meters and Fault Locators, Versiv Series Technical Reference Handbook, Rev. LinkWare is included with the DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series, CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set, OptiFiber® Pro OTDR, DTX CableAnalyzer Series, and SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Kits. You can choose which parameters to print and the order in which graphs appear. Labacus 4300 labeling software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed up by comprehensive context-sensitive help. Tool bars give you easy access to the most common functions. LinkWare provides you with multiple sorting fields to give you maximum flexibility for organizing your data. Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base - You’ll have an open door to valuable proprietary information we’ve gathered from helping customers over the years. These handy telecom installer tool kits contain essential industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment. A separate set of icons is available for tester maintenance functions such as updating the tester software or calibrating the Permanent Link Interface Adapter. [email protected] You can also configure your tester with environmental settings (language, length units, number format, and time-out periods), the names of your technicians, the names of the projects or job sites, and an automatic cable ID sequence. And LinkWare emulates OptiFiber Pro so you can study and analyze traces in the office. LinkWare lets you process this information simply: With LinkWare, what used to take hours can be finished within minutes. Telephone test sets are a standard among telephone linemen. Times are changing, networks are changing and now butt sets are changing. Add your company logo for a professional look, then print the test results on paper or email your report in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Use Quick Sort and sort the reports by customer site. Qualification testers do not execute the battery of tests prescribed by the standards to be considered a “certification tool.”, Cable Verification Testers – verifies that cable is connected correctly. Whether it's having to struggle with awkward, limited keypad interfaces, or the very simple setup of starting and ending IDs, you have had to rely on your tester to generate the full set. Appending files Your customer now benefits from all of the easy access and user-friendly features available with LinkWare. Tabs organize results for each cabling link – just click the tab to look at the details. Until now, cable identification, certification and management have not been integrated. In twisted pair cabling, it is critical to maintain the proper pairing of the wires. For the past 100 years, telephone line testers a test set’s functionality hasn’t changed much. Free delivery on eligible orders. 地址:北京市朝阳区建国门外大街22号赛特大厦20层2011室 Qualification test tools, such as CableIQ™ Qualification Tester, include all the capabilities of verification test tools but they are more powerful in that they perform an assessment of the cabling bandwidth and identify defects that affect the bandwidth. CMS applications rely on LinkWare software for its specialized formatting, presentation, graphing, and printing of test results, making it a CMS module. LinkWare is easy to learn and intuitive to use. With Linkware Software, your job reports have the professional look that reflects the quality of your work. 联系电话:400-8103435 We’ve taken the best features from our existing line, added new technology and totally redesigned telephone line testers to lighten up your tool belt. Whether installing new cable, or troubleshooting existing cable, ethernet network cable testing plays an important role in the process. Your tester uses this information to generate an entire sequence of IDs as you test, ensuring no IDs in the sequence are skipped during the testing. Cable Qualification Testers – determines if an existing cabling link can support certain network speeds and technologies, Qualification testers meet the needs of network technicians who do not install new cabling, but need to troubleshoot operating networks. Fiber Optic Power Meters and Fault Locators. Biomedical Test Equipment. Network cable testing provides a level of assurance that the installed cabling links provide the desired transmission capability to support the data communication desired by the users. The LinkWare project window is easy to navigate. worst case margin and worst case value data for each wire pair or wire pair combination).

LinkWare PC Cable Test Management Software lets you manage certification results data from multiple testers with one PC application. Network cable test instruments are designed with a variety of focused features for particular field tasks.

Fluke Networks' LinkWare™ software together with. This powerful Windows®-based cable certification software organizes your cable test data quickly and easily. Now you can import all of the test results or selected reports to transfer to your PC. The graphical user interface makes uploading data, sorting, printing and saving intuitive, simple operations.

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