famous child murders cases

Not the name of the victim, but the name of the perpetrator. The chain of events that led to her death that night remains unsolved.

“What followed was one of the most labour-intensive missing persons cases in Chicago history,” according to crime hi storian, Ray Johnson. Grace and her younger brother were adopted by Sara Packer and boyfriend Jacob Sullivan. You might be surprised to hear the answer is no. On Nov. 5, 2009, she was found guilty of first-degree murder, attempted murder and child endangerment causing serious injury. He and Sara acted out an assault-murder fantasy using Grace, who was then left in the attic to die. His bruising, bodily injuries, and cuts weren’t noticed (or weren’t taken seriously) enough for child services to get involved, and it wasn’t until he was locked in a cell, dying from an ignored head injury, that it was too late.

Kelly Anne was 15 when she was murdered by her boyfriend. In the late 1970s his letters stopped and the Zodiac Killer vanished without a trace. That’s tons of human lives lost as a payment to Kali.

Luckily she had her wounds treated and was able to live to help track down this disgusting man. It remains one of the world’s most covered, and most famous, missing person’s cases, that of three-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann. Between 1979 and 1981, 29 children and young black men were killed in a series of homicides that terrorized a community and came to be known as the "Atlanta Child Murders." If that wasn’t bad enough, the murdered folks were described as “elderly siblings”. Reading through her secret diaries, police found a motive: an obsession with a married man who didn't want her children. It’s widely regarded that The Crow stole Gregory, the Villemin’s 4 year old son and killed him. These are cases of vanished children, bodies found in mysterious circumstances, and serial killers who disappear back into society. In June 2001, Andrea Yates methodically drowned her five children in the bathtub in their Houston home. Hours later their parents reported them missing, sparking one of the largest police investigations in the history of Australia. The only solace we have now is the fact that he died a bad death himself; having a stroke and drowning while going swimming, approx. What does a mother of two fear most? Unfortunately, at least 20. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide.

Why was he killing? Daughter to mother Marybeth Tinning, Tami Lynne was found unconscious in her crib, blood coming out of her mouth. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Henry Lee Lucas didn’t like that suggestion much, and as he got angrier and angrier, he got stabbier and stabbier. Repeatedly listed as one of the most horrific murder cases of all time, we had no choice but to add this to the top of our ranked list of murder cases. This sweet kid hadn’t even turned ten before his life was taken from him. After a six-month-long search, remains of Caylee's body were found in Orlando, Florida, in December 2008. 20 years after his elusive trek to South America.

One day a man broke in and murdered Mary-Anne. His hands and feet were bound and he had a hat pulled over his face, which makes people think it really was a revenge kidnapping; not a serial killer striking against a victim. More, if you include the hundreds of thousands of murder cases that didn’t make the list. Here's a look back at the famous cases of mothers accused of murder. Nobody caught on that he was being starved by his mother and her boyfriend. Our sense of moral duty meant we had to include this guy on a list of the most horrific murder cases ever. It wasn’t revenge, like The Crow, and it wasn’t death for the sake of death. This is a bit of an outlier, as he wasn’t a victim. How did one of the most famous unsolved murders in history come in at number 20 on this list? These are the cases that make us gag, cry, and question just what the human race is really capable of. Unfortunately it was too late for Sarah to be saved, but at least Raul was tried and found guilty pretty quick. Her body was found two counties over behind a shopping mall, in a slightly wooded area. Either way, her murder remains unsolved, but she is remembered for the major impact of her work on the recovery of the mountain gorilla population. After ensuring the mother was out of the way, he physically tortured the two and forced them to perform disgusting acts on each other. Instead of realizing what he’d done and calling for help, all he did was clean his five knives, call his family, and whine until someone came and helped him. In February 1984, nine months after the shootings, they arrested her and charged her with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. In 1983, Downs, a 27-year-old divorced postal service worker, told police that a "bushy-haired stranger" flagged down her car and shot her three children on a back road near Springfield, Oregon. Was this the case of a child murderer sneaking in through the window? We’re sure he wasn’t nice about the end either; blunt force trauma, strangulation, or any other method of death that didn’t damage their precious skin. Hopefully your stomach can take it! No, he was doing it as part of his job. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) was more prevalent during the time of these murders, and few people at the hospital batted an eye diagnosing 9 babies with SIDS as the cause of death.

In 1957 a grisly discovery was made that to this day still has police and the public stumped. The conversation revolved around how she doesn’t like his fiancee, and he should come back and live with her for a while. He only got 6 killings under his belt before he was caught. Between 1935 and 1938, 12 victims, only two of whom were identified, were found dumped in a creek bed in an area of Cleveland, Ohio known as Kingsbury Run. Almost no one is on the fence about whether they like or dislike horror movies. The only clue: a piece of paper rolled up in his pants pocket with the words “Tamam Shud,” Persian for “it is ended.” Police have never been able to identify the mystery man, how he died, or how he ended up on the beach. It’s become the stuff of urban legends: an infamous labour leader, with links to the mob, who spent time in prison, vanishes. She was convicted of the two murders in July 1995 and sentenced to life in prison. She stated that she couldn't face anyone. The part that really gets us down? 10 Ways For Cancers To Celebrate Their Birthday Season, 10 Of The Most Expensive Red-Carpet Dresses Ever (& What They Cost), Jennifer Aniston's 10 Closest Celebrity Friends, 10 Best Tattoo Artists For Newschool Tattoos, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Libra Moon Sign, 10 Celebs Who Are Worth Following On TikTok. He stabbed his mother in the throat and left her in a pool of her own blood. Her death, and the mystery surrounding it, sent shockwaves through Hollywood.

This cold case, with numerous theories, movies, TV shows and even a children’s nursery rhyme about it, has endured and the mystery of who wielded the axe that fateful day has never been proven. Despite a province-wide search, it wasn’t until 2015 that Cédrika’s remains were found by hunters in the woods just outside of town. As time goes on, these cases get colder and colder and the shroud of mystery thicker. This is what happened in the case of Georgia Jane Crews, a young preteen girl from a town of 397. RELATED: 10 Best Movies Based On Real Life Mysteries & Unsolved Crimes This phone call, which was never traced, was taunting the police and the parents with the knowledge that their precious girl was dead. When officials started looking at the stats though, she came clean and admitted she was murdering them. He and his victim discovered that they had a very compatible interest. With a lack of evidence, no verifiable sign of foul play and no suspects, the Springfield Three's case has gone cold. And that she’d recently bought a gun that matches the bullets used to execute them exactly. Click back and run very far. Thug Behram committed 125 of these murders, supposedly so good he could strangle people to death without them even noticing. Smith initially told police that a black man had hijacked her car and abducted the children. Brandes then decided it was time to move on to the main course. Anthony told police she left Caylee at the apartment of a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, and that both were missing when she returned. It also featured one of the creepiest, most quotable serial killers in popular media. Not much is scarier than crimes that go unsolved: murderers and kidnappers on the loose with police efforts leading nowhere. In 2006, John Mark Karr was arrested after he allegedly confessed to the murder—however, DNA tests failed to link him to the case. No, she requires flesh. In December of 1985, Dian Fossey, a famous American primatologist, was murdered in Rwanda. He was a cannibal and a necrophiliac, who started with small animals and worked his way up to human victims. He considered himself a vampire, and drank the blood of his victims for pleasurable sustenance. Men, are you ever confused when we women say “I’m scared to tell him no” or “I don’t feel safe rejecting him”? In 1982, six adults and one child died in Chicago after taking Tylenol laced with potassium cyanide. But did you know that Bill was based on a real person? What was the revenge The Crow seeked? What kind of sick person does this? Yates told police and psychiatrists after the crime that Satan ordered her to kill sons Noah, 7; John, 5; Paul, 3; Luke, 2; and 6-month-old daughter Mary, to save them from eternal damnation. Horror movies: you either love them or hate them. Raul got so angry with her that he ended up beating her, stabbing her, disemboweling her, and leaving her with a knife in her head while she was still breathing. As you can imagine, a goddess of destruction does not require pleasant tribute like bake sales and commemorative bumper stickers. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Simple. Remember our article on missing and murdered children? Downs will be eligible for parole in 2011. She has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. This murderer doesn’t have many specific cases, since only living bodies have been discovered, but certainly this is a method of killing that was more than a little horrific. Adam Walsh was one of the ones featured on that list, but we had to bring him back for this one too.

Okay, we know we were supposed to pick one murder case, but this guy has too many under his belt to pick. However, Tupac’s murder remains one of the most high-profile unsolved cases in music history. At the trial in October 2009, Kehoe pleaded not guilty. His older brother, Sean, was found struggling for his life inside the vehicle and had suffered similar cuts. He strangled Carole first, after tying the girls to the bed. Police found, among other discrepancies in Anthony's story, that the apartment had been vacant for more than 140 days. No one had seen strangers or outsiders in the town before or after her disappearance. His victims ended up being made into everything from furniture upholstery to dinnerware to accessories. Her 4 year old daughter escaped and ran across the street, and a neighbor helped the naked and tied girl to call the cops and calm down. If you think serial killers with 6 or 7 victims are intense, wait until you read about Thug Behram. About a month later, a construction worker in Willow Springs, Illinois discovered the frozen bodies of the teenagers in a ditch, thereby putting an end to the high-profile missing persons’ case. Depending on your stance, justice has been served. Karma will get you, no matter what. Kelly Anne’s torture was slow and painful, and some of the most horrific things you can imagine. But more than 200 women a year kill their children in the United States, according to the American Anthropological Association. And he wasn’t doing it to satisfy a lust for blood, or that overwhelming urge many serial killers talk about. The Silence of the Lambs was an iconic movie featuring some very talented actors. Tupac’s murder has become legendary and many conspiracy theories abound—the most notable one is that he’s not really dead.

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