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It’s not your job to solve it. ", "Allowing someone else to put you down or discourage your dreams is, quite frankly, anything but self-care. Thanks again and remember to RAISE BLACK QUEER AND TRANS VOICES. We are open to suggestions. ", "No one comes into this life knowing how to dance, always moving with grace. jonobernstein. It ends up seeping, sometimes exploding out. Being real is its own reward. ", "I believe that God is moving small universes to communicate with me and with all of us, answering prayers and sending signs in unplanned moments, the touch of a friend's hand, and the very air we breathe. ", "Life is never just so. The most obvious of those events are what we call coincidence.”. ", "Beating yourself up is a far cry from self-respect. The quote earlier referred to events like these as coincidences. We are Texans known for being radically outspoken. Thanks again and remember to RAISE BLACK QUEER AND TRANS VOICES. This is what gives me hope, knowing that we are all radiant. Art. And whereas it's just a single step, it's a really important one. ", "If you're not living a fully authentic life, a part of you will never be satisfied. ", "You've got to believe that things can turn around, that even difficult situations--perhaps only difficult situations--can turn you into something magnificent. ", "Freedom lies on the other side of everything you're afraid of. "For I am a universe–large–like you are, and there is room here for all that we contain. Six years ago two days from now we were passed out drunk and naked, hugging a toilet seat, having just broken up with the first and only person... Tonight’s blog is #1095 in a row and is my next to last. ", "We always have more support than we realize. Then this afternoon I went for a walk while listening to an interview with Chris Voss, the former... Last night after I posted the blog and as I crawled into bed, I was dead tired. You can walk on water. Yes, the universe–our home–is large enough to hold every bit of us. How great is that? They take more patience to understand and work with. And whereas... Today I’ve mostly stayed at home. So, I don’t know, last summer or sometime I ended up with psoriasis on my right elbow. Thanks again and remember to RAISE BLACK QUEER AND TRANS VOICES. ", "You can’t pick and choose what you receive from life, and you can’t always accurately label something as bad. Anything is possible these days. Explore. ", " Beautiful isn’t something that comes in a particular package. ", "Why should anyone be embarrassed about the truth? ", "Being scared isn’t always an invitation to run away. So now–without meaning to–I’m even gayer than I was before. And sorry, said the interview guy, but to find out more, you’ll have to go to our website. ", "Damn if good news doesn't travel the slowest. If you haven’t experience myofascial release or anything like... Today I taught two dance lessons. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. We are Austinites who want to OWN THE WORD! ", "No one is immune from life’s challenges. Description: Cheer Up Charlies “Pleather Zaddies” TeesArt by Xavier Schipani Printed on 100% cotton tees These shirts are a preorder. ", "You've really got to believe in yourself and what you're doing. I can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen in love with this view and this city while being here this week. And of all the signs I did pass, those are the ones that caught by attention. ", "Boundaries aren’t something you knock out of the park every time. KEEP AUSTIN QUEER AF Button PINK/BLK $ 2. We, in turn, are constantly in communication with the Universe through our words, thoughts, and actions. ", "Not knowing what's going to happen next is part of the adventure. Feeling crappy. ", "Answers come built-in. Confidence makes anyone sexy. Anyway, this afternoon after Bonnie and I went shopping, we came back to the Airbnb, and I took a serious nap while Bonnie took a semi-serious nap and then went for a walk or whatever she did that I don’t know because–again–I was seriously napping. ", "Things that shine do better when they're scattered about. ", "You know when someone crosses a line. $24.00 Okay, so I’m addicted to Facebook just like the rest of the world is. ", "Suddenly the sun breaks through the clouds. ", "Pressure, it seems, is necessary to positive internal change. I can’t prove to you that I was “meant” to see those messages tonight, but I could have ended up on any other road tonight, run by any number of other signs. So far, we’ve raised $2,060, and Cheer Up Charlies is matching $1,000 of that, so we’ve raised $3,060 so far! ", "When you’re authentic, your authenticity is enough. Look at this sign. Description: Cheer Up Charlies “Pleather Zaddies” TeesArt by Xavier Schipani Printed on 100% cotton tees These shirts are a preorder. Anyway, I’m lately in the mood of saying yes to life (as well as beer, donuts, and cigarettes), so I told Neil I thought that would be a great idea, both for our friendship and for my waistline. Let’s see what we can all do together after these shirt pre-orders end! Now I’m over here–in the Straw Berry Manilow preserves. Keeping you connected to the independent music scene. Whether we realize it or not, there’s always grace available. Lyrics pierce through tides of sound to deliver strangely poignant verses, “Humans are destroying the planet at an alarming rate/It’s not my fault/I won’t kill myself for it,” as drums crash in and engulf the next phrase. This afternoon I watched two videos about the esoteric history of Egypt with my dad and finished two custom-order brooch projects. ", "Just because your face is nice to look at doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart that’s capable of being broken. Listen to all our tracks in one place. ), but that also God has a delightful sense of humor. Let’s see what we can all do together after these shirt pre-orders end! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ", "When we expect great things, we see great things. ", "If you’re making yourself up to get someone else’s approval–stop it–because you can’t manipulate anyone into loving you. This morning I woke up a full two hours before my alarm went off. ", "When you hide your hurt, you can’t help but pass it on. We will begin printing them once the store closes and we will ship them within a week after that. ", "You can't build a house, much less a life, from the outside-in. But we all washed out hands first, and Daddy’s gotta make a living. The lid on the jar said, “Straw Berry Manilow.” Barry Manilow! These Hundreds of Thousands of Words (Blog #1094), On Slowing Down, Changing Worlds, and Seasons (Blog #1092). In the process, we find out we're stronger than we thought we were, and perhaps this is healing. ", "Some days, most days, are a mixed bag. More often than not, it’s an invitation to grow a pair and run toward. There, I said it. This lovely slim line capped sleeve tee in 100% cotton baby rib, is perfect for every body shape. ", "You can rise above. Groceries and toilet paper, after all, don’t pay for themselves. After tonight, I only have three more posts. Thank you! ", "As taught in the story of the phoenix, a new life doesn't come without the old one first being burned away. ", "So perhaps perfection has little to do with that which changes and everything to do with that which doesn't. Therefore, striving for perfection is not only frustrating, it's also technically impossible.". Things happen when they happen. Designed in Australia in partnership with American Apparel this t-shirt is well renowned for its durability and for keeping its shape. ", "Everything is progressing as it should. But I also tried to take in the city and dream about living here one day, so I stopped to look around, explore. ", "You can't change your age, but you can change what your age means to you. ", "Any mundane thing–an elevator ride!–can be turned into something joyous. ", "Sometimes the best you can do is metaphorically sit you ego down, look it square in the eye, and say, “Would you shut the fuck up already?”", "Some things simply take time and often more than one trip to the hardware store. ", "That love inside that shows up as joy or enthusiasm is your authentic self. Cheer Up Charlies - Best Little Gay Bar - Black - Ships Week of 8/7. Truly, our story goes on and on in both directions. View all post →. Log in, 3/14 DJs Ramesh, Bree Rose & Shadow Daddii (9PM), 3/13 DankFest 4 with Leche, Mamalarky, Dorio, Hotmom, The Pinky Rings, Being Dead, Van Mary, Manifest Destiny’s Child & more, 3/12 Nite School Presents IAYD, Balance Angel, Shanghai Beach, Nonfiction, DJs Scorpio & Nonfiction. ", "We follow the mystery, never knowing what’s next. ", "You can be weird here. Wimps Play Cheer Up Charlies Sunday 6/18. ", "A friend’s laughter takes us backward and carries us forward simultaneously. ", "Boundaries are about starting small, enjoying initial successes, and practicing until you get your relationships like you want them. Sometimes the truth separates you from people you care about, if for no other reason than to bring you closer to yourself. I'm sure I would've had an even better time with a beer or two in my system, but I was pleased with Cheer Up, Charlies. ", "Of all the broken things in your life, you’re not one of them–and you never have been. Truly, we are infinite. For always there is someone to help point your ship in the right direction, someone who sees you when you can't see yourself. Anyway, first I went south (away from the capitol), and then I turned around and went north (toward it). I mean, it’s clever marketing to start with, but I love that I was learning about Bette and Barry earlier this evening, and then there’s this funny little reminder that not only is the universe capable of lining up some pretty amazing messages if we’re willing to see them (how much work would it take YOU to put Barry Manilow in someone’s Facebook feed AND Berry Manilow in their Airbnb refrigerator on the same day?

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