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Within the book, she talks about the events that led up to the The Black Prom from her perspective. "[2] The disaster that takes place at the high school prom is set in place when Tommy accepts. Sue rushed therefore to her mother's car and drove to the scene of the incident. She slams on the brakes, and the car screeches to a stop, throwing her against the steering wheel. Sue was then told discovered Rachel left school with the popular student Monica Jones, which Sue estranged. Desperate to prevent a repeat of Carrie's experience, Sue sneaks Barbara out of the asylum. Rachel initially agreed, and Sue told her that 23 years before, she tried to help someone, and it backfired horribly. After the Ewen Senior prom incident, Sue observed Carrie during the rampage and followed her. She discovered that the school was burning and raced to see what had happened. In this version Sue was portrayed by Kandyse McClure, whose characterization sported a hair style similar to that of Amy Irving's version. In the following years, as The Black Prom and Carrie's "supposed" vengeful role in it became an Urban Legend, Sue admitted herself in the Arkham Institue due to her intense trauma, and at some point discovered about the existence of telekinesis, the power of one to move objects with it's mind, which for years she did not believe there was. After that, she visits Carrie's vandalized grave and puts a white rose on it and leaves. Sue tried to get in and witnessed the massacre happening there. Once after P.E. However, this only distresses Rachel further, even more so when Sue tells her that she is Carrie's half-sister. As in other adaptations, she is dating Tommy and does not attend the prom. After the disaster at the prom, Sue went to Carrie's house where she saw her holding the lifeless corpse of her mother.Carrie thought about killing her, but realized that Sue was really sorry for what happened and also found out she was pregnant with a girl, so she pushed Sue out of the house as a rain of stones destroy Carrie's house.

When she arrived, the school exploded.
The musical closes as the book does, with Sue comforting the dying Carrie.

When she begins bringing the house down Sue attempts to get her out of it. Sue later visited Barbara at Arkham and asked if Barbara had ever seen objects moving by themselves as Rachel grew up. Her mother did not let her attend any of the funerals and is seeing talking to a friend about the aftermath, telling a friend that the family will leave town to avoid the media circus. After that, Sue began to either have her period or a miscarriage. Sue has a dream in which she lays flowers on the burnt lot of Carrie’s house, only to have Carrie suddenly reach her bloody arm through the rubble to grab Sue. Sue, Chris, Norma Watson and the other girls coldly mocked the horrified Carrie, throwing tampons on her. According to the novel, Sue had been dating Tommy for 6 months and became his lover two months before the time when the novel supposedly took place.

Due to the story being told in a non-linear storytelling by the use of police interviews in the present and flashbacks, it's confirmed from the very beginning that Sue survived the Black Prom. Sue was shocked about the death of Carrie and about her pregnancy, because not even she suspected, that she was pregnant from the start, but was also happy at the same time about it.

However, after she is released, she became a school counselor and also did some studies on telekinesis.

AliveDeceased (1999 sequel only)

Sue tries to first get Rachel to admit to her abilities before trying to help her in an attempt to prevent another meltdown, even bringing Rachel to the site of the original high school that Carrie destroyed in the first film. Speeding towards the school, Sue is horrified when the school explodes. Carrie died after forgiving Sue but not before transmitting to her telepathically all of her miserable life where she also had to see how ugly she behaved at the shower incident and for a while, also having to experience what happens, when someone dies. She followed her and later found Carrie at her home in a bathtub full of red bloody water and her dead mother near her. As this version more closely follows the novel's plot (and rather loosely follows the original film's), Sue possessed most of the character traits shared by her two other counterparts, but here, she additionally assisted Carrie with putting on her makeup so that she could go to the prom in a proper manner.The other two incarnations did not do this. [citation needed].

In this adaption, Sue is telling the story of the night of May 28th while she is interrogated from the beginning to the end of the show. Amy Irving asked Brian De Palma for his blessing before she went back to the role of Sue Snell for the sequel. Upon her race to the school, she got into a minor skidding accident in her mother's car, which may have caused a slight concussion. She and her best friend, Helen Shyres, are both popular students at Ewen High School, and are members of the popular clique led by Chris Hargensen, however, neither Sue nor Helen appear to really like Chris at all. Fast and Furious Ending After Next Three Movies, and More Movie News When the prank happened, Sue had been dating Tommy Ross for six months. She testified later at The White Commission, who were trying to turn her into a scapegoat to no avail.

Sue then noticed the ropes armed around the stage, and spotted Chris and Billy hidden below Carrie and Tommy, ready to humiliate her in front of everyone. Sue later felt guilty about her part in the bullying and asked Tommy to take Carrie to the Prom in her place. While she herself seemed reluctant, she was willing to let Carrie find happiness. Susan D. Snell is a fictional character created by American author Stephen King in his first published 1974 horror novel, Carrie.
While talking to Rachel in her office, Sue upsets her, causing Rachel to shatter Sue's globe, scaring the both of them before Sue realized that she was right—Rachel has the same powers as Carrie did. After Sue leaves, the gravestone cracks and breaks, while Carrie's scream is heard in the background implying she might have survived. The cross-style For Sale sign in the above sequence had the words, "Carrie White Burns In Hell" scrawled on its front meaning, apparently, that not even until death was Carrie able to find peace.

Sue placed the white rose on Carrie's gravestone, vandalized with the words "Carrie White burns in HELL!" She pulled the girl out and revived her (Carrie's mother attempted to drown her previously). It is also possible, that she completely ceases to see. It is implied, that all the events surrounding The Black Prom have broken Sue´s heart to the core. Sue then told Rachel about her real father, her half-sister Carrie White, and the gift they share, much for Rachel's revolt. Barbara reveals that Rachel's father was Ralph White—Carrie's father. Sue and the other girls were later confronted by Miss Collins who told them they would be punished for what they did to Carrie.

Furthermore, on another note, Sue believed that Tommy had gotten her pregnant. Movie info Carrie (2013) Sue's last attempt to help Rachel was to sneak in Arkham and take Barbara out, so they could find Rachel and tell her the truth. These interviews reveal the preceding events.

Biographical information As this version more closely follows the novel's plot (and rather loosely follows the original film's), Sue possessed most of the character traits shared by her two other counterparts and she wanted her boyfriend Tommy to go out with her, but here she additionally assisted Carrie with putting on her make-up. Sue Snell was again portrayed by Amy Irving in the 1999 sequel. Therefore it is unknown what happened to Carrie and Sue after they left Chamberlain. It is likely that Sue only acted under peer pressure, being one of Chris Hargensen’s cronies. She therefore had to watch the prank, how it killed Tommy and how Carrie exploded. One critic wrote that the audience had a "considerable amount invested" in Snell by this point in the film and although her sudden death was "certainly powerful in terms of shock effect," it "also makes the rest of the film seem incomplete."[5].

Tommy was involved in beating another student called Danny Patrick in Kennedy Junior High School.. Also, when Sue proposed for him to take Carrie White to the prom, both were making out in his car. She also defends Tommy and her own actions. Traumatized over the deaths of Tommy, her friends, schoolmates and teachers, Sue became haunted by nightmares of Carrie. Carrie explored Sue's mind and saw that what she said was true. She begins to notice a telekinetic spark in an awkward student named Rachel Lang, following the suicide of Rachel’s best friend Lisa. In the novel, King uses commentaries by Sue Snell as one of his innovative narrative techniques to tell Carrie's history. Sue only longs for peace after these events and also has begun embracing death driven by the experience she had, when she telepathically was linked to Carrie at the time of her death having to look, though only temporarily, what happens, when someone dies. Sue pulls her out and successfully revives her; Carrie telepathically links with Sue's mind and Sue sees Carrie's entire life (in the book, Carrie sees Sue's entire life, proving her innocence and a little later Carrie later shows her her entire life, too). Once Carrie accepts, Sue helps her get ready for the prom, something she didn’t do in any other portrayal. class, Sue and her schoolmates witnessed as Carrie White, an outcast student and daughter of a delusional and religious mother, had her first period in the shower, ignorant of what was actually happening to her. Susan D. Snell, best know as Sue Snell is a student at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine and the girlfriend of Tommy Ross. Sue then notices the cord running along the stage, leading up to the bucket of pig blood above Carrie. Sue, however, was unaware of Chris's plans for that same night, after Chris was expelled from the Prom. She assists Carrie with her make-up, helping her choose a good shade of lipstick.

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