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We share a common belief that a brand is most powerful when its consumer and employee communications are linked by a common story. Communication Strategy Group is a brand storytelling agency on Long Island, NY. This trifecta of service makes you an orchestrator, activates the many resources of the Agency and directing them toward a common vision. MindHandle was created by senior leaders with experience spanning creative, technology, corporate marketing, employee engagement and training. Modern marketing reaches into what you do and WHY you do it. In today’s fast paced world where we have seconds to make a meaningful connection, the key to great marketing is to understand as much as you can about your customer, listen to what’s important to them and deliver an amazing experience every time they connect with you… this is our definition of Modern Marketing. Apple is rated as the UK’s top storytelling brand, followed by Cadbury and McDonald’s. We seek to uncover what makes your brand unique, and stem our strategy from that core – branding from the inside, out.

As a creative agency for active lifestyle brands and agencies, we build brands, we design websites, but most importantly we create emotionally engaging visual storytelling content. Brand Storytelling Agency - About Us : MindHandle We are a brand storytelling agency that believes brands are most powerful when consumer and employee communications are intrinsically linked. Emsworth Yacht Harbour, We research your markets and talk to your customers and your teams to gather insights on your behalf. The most successful copywriter will be a quick learner with a versatile style. Social media, blogs, advertisements, and visuals help people connect we new chapters of your brand’s story. Research by brand storytelling agency Aesop, in association with OnePoll, asked more than 2,000 people in the UK to rate brands against criteria including brand personality, memorability, credibility and purpose (see methodology, below). ", “Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. A Strategic Brand Naming & Storytelling Agency Wonsupona creatively differentiates brands through powerful storytelling. Businesses have to find new ways to reach their audiences, ways that will engage and connect. Your marketing must align with your business promises and your values; keeping your promises, managing expectations, obsessing about details and offering a big smile while you do it will help you offer a more compelling customer experience and one that will get you talked about…cue your brand stories. Jeff blends his experience as an account guy with his ability to balance the emotional needs of the customer to help MindHandle grow as a business. We are the brand storytellers. In the end, our good work is a direct result of our good people. Marketing is so much more than placing advertising, building great websites, producing collateral for the sales team and broadcasting messages on social media. As you navigate the process of branding your business, a brand storytelling agency can help you craft a strategic yet truthful ‘About Us’ page that connects with your customers. That experience creates emotional responses that reach and engage an audience far more than straight forward sales and marketing messages. Ready for consumers and employees alike to attract, adopt and become champions? Messaging communicates your brand’s purview. She provides knowledge and guidance to our clients regarding technical decisions that enhance and support their business goals, while growing the bottom line. Creating together. You’re a problem solver, and there’s nothing you can’t fix with a pencil and the pen tool. It’s about the whole experience; how your customers find you, what it’s like when they get there, how you talk to them, the promises you make AND keep, and importantly how you listen to them. He is responsible for the direction and health of the company, its clients and our employees. In today’s fast paced world where we have seconds to make a meaningful connection, the key to great marketing is to understand as much as you can about your customer, listen to what’s important to them and deliver an amazing experience every time they connect with you… this is our … Wonsupona creatively differentiates brands through powerful storytelling. Business storytelling and the online era go hand-in-hand. Marketers need to be master storytellers.”, “Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.”, “The brands that win are those that tell a great story. Storytelling is our specialty, and as a full service creative agency we can help tell your story in the following areas. We seek to uncover what makes your brand unique, and stem our strategy from that core – branding from the inside, out. Brand stories, when told visually, come to life in wickedly powerful ways. Branding is about creating a unique identity and landing a memorable message that moves people into action. Lastly, we take a human-centered approach to brand strategy and storytelling. Dallas advertising agency strengthening brands through magnetic storytelling. The poll also reveals that supermarkets are falling in the ranks while the UK … This is normally the starting point. After all, that’s what binds us together. podcasting But that time is a lot more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by people you love and respect. During the 2020 COVID Crisis, the agency organized a movement called #TeamUp4TakeOut – an effort to courage people to order takeout from their favorite local restaurant at least four times a week. Laughing together. The arts have been an important part of the agency since the beginning. From cultural days like dia de MindHandle, to financial support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for 10 years, our agency culture attracts good people who do great things. You live and die by three documents: The brief (what success looks like), the estimate (what it takes to get there) and the timeline (how long it takes). At MindHandle, we believe great stories move human beings on a deeply emotional level. PO10 8BP. Supporting the arts and the next generation of artists. Art Director, you are the eyes on the agency’s creative product. Services include brand positioning and vision, mission and values creation. We create messages that reflect a brand’s unique values and personality. For whereas the writer is concerned with what he puts into his writings, the communicator is concerned with what the reader gets out of it.

Your marketing is underpinned by the entire customer experience and everything you do affects that experience. Hampshire, The Strategist is the fuel in communications planning, and is primarily responsible for the synthesis of clients’ objectives or problems into effective solutions. The majority of your day, and over 1/3 of your life, is spent at work. Ken founded MindHandle at the request of our inaugural client, Chili’s, 10 years ago. Jeff is responsible for the health and well-being of our prospective and current client relationships. Insight is gained from workshops with key stakeholders. Bren firmly believes in keeping the integrity of web guidelines and coding standards, always delivering the highest quality digital product. Over a decade of financial support for childhood cancer research. Services include name generation and tagline development.

As a passionate PR agency, we love getting involved in the groundwork to further an organisation’s image through the storytelling craft. Stories make a customer choose your brand over another. Eric has led the business since the merger in 2018. Authentic business stories will help you build brand equity, trust and make you memorable. Messages are designed to work in harmony, resulting in a comprehensive brand story. We translate all of this into captivating communication and brand stories that you can offer to the market. Hoot will help you inspire, influence, motivate and connect with your audience in a memorable way.

As such, our process is designed to be collaborative.

At Hoot we specialise in modern B2B marketing communications, the fundamentals being Research, Marketing Strategy and Brand Storytelling. We approach messaging as one slice of a larger brand pie.

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