blue tip rounds

The SS197 cartridge uses the same 40-grain (2.6 g) .224 inch (5.7 mm) Hornady V-Max projectile as the SS196SR, but it is loaded for a slightly higher muzzle velocity. All Rights Reserved. SS197SR 5.7x28mm (sporting round blue tip / Target Ammo). Ballistically, the 5.7 round is very similar to the .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) round. 2. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Blue tip 5.56, what is it. The given assumption is that a new innovation is going to be better than the product that came before it, but is it necessarily true with these new plastic-adorned rounds? The P90 and Five-seveN share the same ammunition, the 5.7x28mm SS190 cartridge. A soft elastomer tip prevents this and allows use of a spitzer bullet, giving that .30-30 or pistol caliber carbine far greater accuracy and range. The polymer tip of such ammunition is devised to serve one of a number of purposes, depending on the load in question. To further test the bullets/coating we shot over 30,000 rounds (of the 50,000) through a mostly stock XDM 9mm 5.25 in a competition and practice environment. Silver, you have got to be fucking kidding. The tip of the bullet is painted blue with a light blue ring. Know where it came from? The 5.7x28mm rounds are bottle-necked cartridges with .224 inch (5.7 mm) bullets and come in several versions. Good guy to deal with as well. } Function: Sporting Round . Multiple (2 or 3) colors mean multiple factors such as AP- incendiary, AP- incendiary+tracer, incendiary+tracer, explosive+tracer (>20mm), etc It uses the same lead core 2.6-g (40 grain) Hornady V-Max projectile as the SS196SR, but it is loaded for a muzzle velocity roughly 30-m/s (100 ft/s) higher. } As the hollow point is easily damaged during transport, handling, or feeding into the firearm. Also popular for use in Law Enforcement and self-defense, these rounds are less likely to penetrate all the way through an intended soft target or put an innocent bystander in harms way. } // ]]>, Your privacy is important to us - Each email contains a link to unsubscribe. There are opportunities here to find both buyers and sellers of firearms. Some military rounds may have blue paint on the tips, to denote steel core, or tracer, or whatever. The following is a list of ammunition (both current and discontinued) manufactured for the 5.7 x 28mm caliber. } You're buying it for a specific purpose such as more reliable feeding or expansion. Togor, these are black tip 7.62mm AP rounds LC 54 and not AP M2 rounds. Pics will follow in a day or so. A soft elastomer tip prevents this and allows use of a spitzer bullet, giving that .30-30 or pistol caliber carbine far greater accuracy and range. In a tight urban environment, or in the home, this is advantageous as it prevents any collateral damage to bystanders. this website brought to you by The Tiki Web Group Unless specifically mentioned, we have no clue where this content came from. A new breed of ammunition has become a bit more common in recent years, namely polymer tipped bullets such as those made by Hornady, Nosler and other ammunition houses. looks like a 5.56 tracer round…we all know that pistol doesn’t shoot that.. honestly just look at the casing of those rounds they’re way to big for the pistol. } You can't trust a cheater. Pretty sure this discussion ended four years ago…. This included shooting over 50,000 rounds through three different guns. The blue tips ar Arden Hills TW 69 NATO rounds. This may be true on paper, but results in real world testing haven't always agreed. fldId =; alert("Please enter the security code shown"); 40mm practice ammo - these are the blue tip chalk filled practice rounds -- super fun to shoot, they sound and feel like live rounds and have the same trajectory as live....on impact, they leave a large orange chalk spot. All comments are the sole possesion of the commenters and do not reflect the opinions or values of MCS. } It’s the easy to use infantry answer to tanks. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The various colors "painted" onto the tips of ammunition indicate the type of round- ball, tracer, hollow point, armor piercing, high-presure test, incendiary, lead free, explosive (>20mm), practice (>20mm), etc. The bullets have a blue-colored polycarbonate tip instead of a red tip like the older SS196. Clearly, the blue tip means it’s a DU round. I love the Five-seveN, 5.7mm armor piercing bullets, 20 rounds per magazine, mmmmmmm……, It uses that ammo because it was meant to go with the p-90,because it uses the same ammo, and originally was sometimes sold as a package. That depends on the application. Huge gun and one of my favorites. SS197SR Sporting Round Fiocchi currently manufactures SS197SR under contract for FN Herstal. I know blue tip in 06 and 50 bmg is incendiary, but is there enough room for that in the 5.56? The ammo for the civilian market WILL NOT penetrate Level IIA and Level IIIA Kevlar, Kevlar 129 or Spectra vests, contrary to popular myth put originated by misguided politicians and gun control advocates trying to advance their agenda.

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