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In return, Israel freed six jailed Egyptian students who were accused of planning terrorist attacks. [8], second longest private motor yacht in the world, "German Shipyard Launches World's Largest Private Yacht At 591 Feet", "Azzam, World's Largest Yacht, Reappears at Lürssen", "More details released on 180 metre Lürssen superyacht Azzam", "Nauta Yachts comments on their design for superyacht Azzam", "Azzam Mega Yacht, Built By Lürssen, Snatches Title Of 'Largest Motor Yacht In The World, "World's Largest Superyacht Comes with a Bullet Proof Master Suite & Missile Defense System",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 15:48. He handles website development and technical support at Marine Insight. It can travel in excess of 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph) powered by a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines with a total power output of 35,048 kW (47,000 hp) through four pump-jets. The Azzam is sleek and elegant, and its new owner will now stand at the top of the yachting world. While there has been talk and speculation that it was commissioned by a billionaire from the Middle East, the real owner remains a mystery.

As part of his work for Tefron, he made trips to Egypt to visit local factories which were subcontractors of the company.
[1], In August 1997 Azzam was convicted of helping to send news about Egyptian industrial cities to Mossad, and sentenced to fifteen years jail at hard labor; his co-defendant Ismail was sentenced to twenty-five years. Azzam Azzam (Arabic: عزام عزام‎, Levantine Arabic: [ʕazˈzaːm ʕazˈzaːm], Hebrew: עזאם עזאם‎; born 1962) is an Israeli Druze who was convicted in Egypt of spying for Israel, and jailed for eight years. Consider the following: the Azzam is so huge that it is actually 57 feet longer than Abramovich’s boat. Azzam was built for $605 million. The yacht’s construction is based on the engineering model provided by the Italian ship architectural company, Nauta with technical specifications detailed by reputed maritime engineering expert, Mubarak Saad al-Ahbabi. It also eclipsed the size of the previous yachts that had laid claim to the title as the largest in the world. لدى Dr.Ahmed3 وظيفة مدرجة على الملف الشخصي عرض الملف الشخصي الكامل على LinkedIn وتعرف على زملاء Dr.Ahmed والوظائف في الشركات المماثلة. Azzam Azzam (Arabic: عزام عزام ‎, Levantine Arabic: [ʕazˈzaːm ʕazˈzaːm], Hebrew: עזאם עזאם ‎; born 1962) is an Israeli Druze who was convicted in Egypt of spying for Israel, and jailed for eight years.He maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal.

Alongside Topaz and Eclipse, the list of the world’s largest super yachts also includes the likes of Pelorus, owned by the noted Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Azzam (English: Resolute) is a private super yacht built by German shipyard Lürssen Yachts.

[6], At an estimated cost of $605 million, it cost approximately $100 million more than the third largest private motor yacht, Eclipse. The yacht is listed for charter without a price, however according to Motor Boat & Yacht magazine, the yacht is in actuality not available for charter, and the charter listing, similar to Roman Abramovich's Eclipse, is aimed to avoid European taxation, as charter yachts are exempt from property tax. #weknow - do you want to know?

[4] Die Kosten wurden auf 605 Millionen US-Dollar geschätzt. Visualizza il profilo di hussein azzam su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo. The 180-metre motor superyacht Azzam was recently spotted in Cádiz on Spain's Atlantic coastline. Although the identity of Azzam’s owner remains a closely held secret, there’s nothing hidden about the superyacht’s engineering features and amenities.

[1][2], Eigentümer ist Scheich Chalifa bin Zayid Al Nahyan, Präsident der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate.[3]. Even its interiors are said to surpass the luxury accommodation of the Eclipse. Aside from the money spent to build the yacht, how much will it cost the new owner to maintain the Azzam?

عرض ملف Dr.Ahmed Al-Azzam الشخصي على LinkedIn، أكبر شبكة للمحترفين في العالم. While Leoni is not really known for yacht interior design, the offer was just too good to turn down.
Both Azzam and the Israeli government denied the charges. Guarda il profilo completo su LinkedIn e scopri i collegamenti di hussein e le offerte di lavoro presso aziende simili. Of course, the fact that the owner was able to set aside an amount to even commission the yacht in the first place means that the maintenance fee won’t be much of a hindrance for him.

"I told my brothers that if I don't get out when Ariel Sharon is prime minister, I never will. [4], Azzam expressed gratitude to the government of Israel, and to Ariel Sharon in particular, telling him "I love you very much," Azzam said. Azzam is from the town of Maghar, Israel. Azzam, at 180.6 metres (592.5 ft) the longest superyacht, as of 2018 ... "private" yachts are solely for the pleasure of the owner and guests do not carry the passenger restriction.

Die Kosten wurden auf 605 Millionen US-Dollar geschätzt. Interior. Azzam will replace Superyacht Eclipse, presently the world’s largest superyacht. In the background is one of the city's most famous landmarks, the 18th-century Cádiz Cathedral located on the waterfront.

The Azzam is the latest in a line of vessels to have held the mantle of world's largest yacht. [7], Azzam was commissioned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates. An overview of Azzam’s constructional superiorities can be enumerated as follows: Azzam’s builderLurssen also holds the distinction of constructing Topaz, presently the world’s fourth largest superyacht. [2], The trial opened on April 24, 1997, but was postponed until May 18, when it was discovered that the lawyer for his Egyptian co-defendant, Emad Abdel-Hamid Ismail, was not present. hussein ha indicato 1 #esperienza lavorativa sul suo profilo. Azzam (English: Resolute) is a private super yacht built by German shipyard Lürssen Yachts. Prior to Abramovich, the Saudi royal family had the largest yacht with its Prince Abdulaziz, which measures 482 feet in length. Even the Azzam’s owner is unknown. After all, he has been making the fans of the London team happy with titles and trophies that they could only dream of before he arrived on the scene. It is even larger than the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer being run by the United States Navy.

Azzam was launched on 5 April 2013. The yacht’s draught is also unusually shallow at only 14 feet and an inch. It took one year to be engineered and three years to build the

Das Design der Yacht stammt von Nauta Yachts und die Inneneinrichtung von Christophe Leoni. Required fields are marked *, Azzam Superyacht – The Largest Superyacht in the World. [3], After Shabak (Israel's internal security agency) head Avi Dichter had negotiated with his Egyptian counterparts, Azzam was released on December 5, 2004. How about by spending your vacation lounging around in the Mediterranean while aboard the largest yacht in the world?

Several powerful tugboats ushered the Azzam to open waters and observers saw how they were dwarfed by the size of the new yacht. The shipbuilding giant has recently come out with the Azzam, which at 590 feet, easily eclipsed the size of Abramovich’s Eclipse. The deal concluded with a last asking price of $15,500,000.Built... With an elite fleet of superyachts already on their way towards the Sunshine State, the 61st annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is fast approaching. Completed in 2013 by Lürssen at its facility in Lemwerder, Germany, Azzam outranks the second-longest yacht in the world, Eclipse by nearly 20 metres. Photo: Stefan Katafai / @stefan_katafai Photo by Stefan Katafai. The 180-metre motor superyacht Azzam was recently spotted in Cádiz on Spain's Atlantic coastline. Yachts may be identified by flag—the country under which a yacht is registered. [6],, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Dilbar is a 157 meter (512 ft) motor yacht built by Lurssen.She is the world’s biggest yacht measured by interior volume.

Even the Azzam’s owner is unknown. The yacht was delivered on 9 September 2013.

A mechanic by training, he worked for Tefron, an Israeli textile company. The master bedroom has armor plating lines and bullet-proof glass. How does one live a life of luxury? M/Y Azzam, the largest Superyacht in the world at 180 metres, was launched by Lurssen, the world's leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building. A world-class team was personally assembled and directed in all areas of development of this sophisticated project by Eng. Having managed a powerhouse content production team in the past, he launched TheRichest as a passion project. While imprisoned, Azzam listened to a transistor radio. Her slender beam of 20 metres, together with a relatively sleek profile and concentrated superstructure, however, means Azzam’s volume of 13,136 GT makes her the fifth largest yacht in the world in terms of overall size. Die zwei Gasturbinen kombiniert mit zwei Dieselmotoren sollen eine Leistung von 94.000 PS (69.137 kW) aufweisen und dem Schiff mittels vier Wasserstrahlantrieben eine Geschwindigkeit von über 30 Knoten ermöglichen. The top spot goes to the 156-metre Dilbar (15,917 GT), also by Lürssen followed by the 155-meter Al Said (15,850 GT), 162.5-metre Eclipse (13,564 GT) and the 162-metre Dubai (13,470 GT). The latter will make use of moveable duct water outlets placed on the sides of the non-moveable ones. The Azzam can reach speeds of up to 31.5 knots and is considered one of the fasted superyachts. Experts say that the upkeep and maintenance of a yacht usually amounts to around 10 percent of its actual cost. In 2005, he lit the torch during the main ceremony of Israeli Independence Day. Azzam was launched at Lurssen Shipyard in Bremen, Germany, in April 2013. Too bad for Abramovich because even his monster of a boat now looks small when compared with the newest super yacht on the block. [citation needed] Following a year of engineering, the yacht was built in three years, which is a record building time according to Superyacht Times. Owned by an unknown Arabic multi-millionaire and jet-setter, Azzam is set to be the world’s newest and largest superyacht wonder. Constructional cost of over US$ 600 million, A length of around 180 metres, over 17 metres longer than Eclipse with a beam of almost 21 metres and a draft of nearly 4.5 metres, Accommodation provided by way of 50 luxurious cabin suites with an entourage of about 50 crewing personnel, State-of-the-art manoeuvring systems accounting for high speeds touching up to 30 knots, First vessel to be equipped with heatrecycling systems to operate the equipment aiding in the water desalinisation processes, Unique construction allowing for substantial reduction in the emanating of noxious gasesand enhanced operational efficiency. While there has been talk and speculation that it was commissioned by a billionaire from the Middle East, the real owner remains a mystery. Apart from handling web development projects, he also manages a logistics company and have a keen interest in modern logistic technologies .

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