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As part of the system of interconnection of registers, the General Electronic Commercial Registry : a) communicates by email with the other national registers and aa) receives information on data stored in another national register concerning companies which have their registered office in one EU Member State and branches in another EU Member State and bb) provides information on the data referred to in Article 6(2a) and (2b) of Law No 3419/2005 on companies which have their registered office or branches in Greece as referred to under point (g) of paragraph 1 of the same law; and b) replies to questions submitted by individual users to the single European electronic access point of the system of interconnection of registers (the portal) as regards the information under point (a)(bb). Latvian setTimeout(function() {; }, 10); Reuters provides trusted business, financial, national, and international news to professionals via Thomson Reuters desktops, the world's media organizations, and directly to consumers at and via Reuters TV. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. The entry for a business that is required to register must include the following information: a. Connect to the most current information on stocks and bonds on Get Latest Stock Market news, UK share market news and share market trading, stock market investing advice. $(function(){ f. Parties referred to above that have their principal place of business or their registered office in Greece must also register any branches they have in Greece. }); English [1] According to Thomson Reuters HCMC is the competent authority for supervising securities laws in Greece, including tender offers. a) the instrument of constitution or statutes; b) amendments to the instrument of constitution or statutes, which include any extension of the duration of the company, and any subsequent amendment to the instrument of constitution or statutes, showing the complete text as amended to date; c) the appointment, termination of office and particulars of the persons who either as a body constituted pursuant to law or as members of any such body: aa) are authorised to represent the company in dealings with third parties; in the event that this concerns more than one person, the relevant entry must state whether these persons can act alone or whether they must act jointly; bb) represent the company before a court; cc) take part in the administration, supervision or control of the company; d) at least once a year, the amount of the capital subscribed, where the instrument of constitution or statutes instrument of constitution or the statutes mention an authorised capital, unless any increase in the capital subscribed necessitates an amendment of the statutes; e) the accounting documents for each financial year which are required to be published in accordance with Council Directives 78/660/EEC (OJ L 222 14.8.1978), 83/349/EEC (OJ L 193 18.7.1983), 86/635/EEC (OJ L 372 31.12.1986) and 91/674/EEC (OJ L 374 31.12.1991); h) any declaration of nullity of the company by the courts; i) the appointment and particulars of liquidators; j) termination of the liquidation and striking off the register. The registry number of the company, branch or agency. Documents and data are registered in the General Electronic Commercial Register following a check carried out by the staff of the Register on their legality, accuracy, clarity and completeness and whether all the relevant fees provided for by current legislation have been paid. showMainContentLanguageList(); Please note that it is only provided for contextual purposes. The General Electronic Commercial Registry website is the 'national gazette designated' for the purpose of publication within the meaning of Article 3(5) of Directive 2009/101/EC of 16 September 2009 (OJ L 258). If the person concerned fills in the reference number of the certificate or copy, the company's registry number and the registry department that issued the document, the body of the document will appear. l. Natural or legal persons or associations of persons pursuing or intending to pursue an economic or professional activity without thereby becoming traders. Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group), provides support to the Greek Capital Market. The documents listed in businesses' entries can be relied upon, because the Register is the only site available for commercial disclosure and constitutes 'the national gazette designated' for the purpose of publication of commercial information within the meaning of Article 3(5) of Directive 2009/101/EC.

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