amd 7nm gpu

The Radeon VII uses a new type of thermal monitoring system rather than the old, edge-mounted GPU thermistors it had previously deployed. This shouldn’t be considered a problem, and the GPUs are designed to hold these temperatures safely. I have argued that there were too many reasons to believe RTX features won’t be particularly useful during Turing’s lifespan to justify buying into the family, particularly when older GTX cards based on Pascal offered such competitive performance. A loud RTX 2080-equivalent with no new features at all and the same bad price point. Going forward, Radeon VII GPUs will use the maximum temperature measured across the die, known as the Junction temp, to control GPU behavior. AMD的7nm GPU能否追上英伟达的脚步? NVIDIA刚发布的20系显卡显然又与amd拉开了更大距离,尤其是在旗舰级上。 英伟达采用的是12nm。 AMD is making a big stab at 4K gaming with its new high-end video card, the Radeon VII. AMD's Lisa Su displayed the world's first 7nm GPU die at Computex 2018. Why are we still waiting for AMD to actually fix this in a high-end GPU that isn’t the Radeon Nano? The clock gains from the 7nm shift are very modest. Click on each graph to open it in a new window. It’s hard not to wonder what 7nm Vega’s performance might have looked like if the GPU had fielded more ROPs and texture mapping units to accompany its enormous bandwidth increase — again, we suspect that consumer games simply weren’t the primary market for this card and that its overall design reflects that fact. Results are estimates only and may vary. Using the automatic undervolting option on our Radeon VII decreased power consumption by ~7.5 percent without harming frame rates at all. It also lacks one of the RTX 2080’s specific liabilities. All of our results can be parsed in the slideshow below. The results calculated for. AMD's next-generation 7nm Navi 21 GPU will have a huge 505mm² die with at least twice the performance of the RX 5700 XT. Its larger HBM2 buffer and interposer costs may explain its pricing — I’ve wondered before if Nvidia’s decision to raise prices would actually make it make sense for AMD to bring 7nm Vega to the consumer market — but they don’t make it a particularly good value. But a feature that’s only useful in a tiny number of games is still at least arguably more useful than no feature at all. Finally, there’s noise. AMD’s absolute power consumption has scarcely budged compared with Vega 64, but its performance per watt has improved significantly. Most of the improvements between Radeon Vega and Radeon VII boil down to the huge increase in RAM bandwidth and total VRAM buffer. In our complete suite of tests, the Radeon VII offered 96 percent the performance of the RTX 2080.

As the table above indicates, the Radeon VII die is ~67 percent the size of the Vega 64 die. Of course, given that the Vega 64 currently sells for $400, you’re buying 1.33x more performance for 1.75x the money.

Before we dive into performance figures, let’s revisit how the GPU market has evolved in the past six months. Nvidia’s RTX refresh cycle this past fall didn’t do much to improve performance-per-dollar. I don’t own a dB meter, but folks — Radeon VII ain’t quiet. Overall, it’s comparable to the Vega 64, but there are moments when the fans on the Radeon VII kick harder. Then, multiplying that number by xx stream processors, which exist in each CU. Two Infinity Fabric™ Links per GPU for high speed Direct-Connect GPU clusters delivering up to 92 GB/s GPU peer-to-peer bandwidth. Those hoping that AMD would have a new major AI or machine learning initiative to announce — something akin to DirectX ray tracing support or new antialiasing methods — will be disappointed. When Nvidia launched the RTX family, it asked customers to swallow a significant price hike relative to the company’s then-current GPU lineup. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The Radeon VII has another advantage over other cards on the market, though AMD kept this one tight to their vest.

You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. We intend to write a separate article investigating compute and scientific workloads on the Radeon VII, which will give us an opportunity to examine this side of the GPU more thoroughly.

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