a night to remember (1958 script)

I swear I really am the person you thought I was.

Just ignore everything my mom said.

One's graduating, the other's going to prom. What's the next stage for me to race through?

I know, but then I think about the most important night of the year, and there's only one person I want to spend it with, you. Meanwhile, I was trying to rescue my "Lord of the Rings" problem In the shadiest way possible. It's cold out. Great! In the Grand Staircase, Robbie Lucas runs into Mr. Andrews and asks if the ship is seriously damaged. Who cares who shot J.


The book was previously adapted as a live TV production, screened by NBC and sponsored by Kraft Foods as part of the Kraft Television Theatre strand on 28 March 1956. Andrews determines that the ship will sink within two hours, and it lacks sufficient lifeboat capacity for everyone on board. - Uh, bargaining? Kind of thought you'd go nuts about this and get all kicky and punchy. Be less invested, Dave Kim! Not right now, okay?! Your dad let me in. This has come down in popular lore as one of the many contributing factors to the ship's "bad luck". Why do you look like a department-store pianist? Like, for instance, you're almost a senior. But we agreed to make the most of our time left. "Don't listen to me!

My mom said I have to pad out my college Résumé.

What? But don't worry. I also love sci-fi!

How could you shine a light on all my lies? Oh, same. Get out of my face. As my mom shut down my dream nerd girl, Barry was still planning his dream prom.
Murphy, Gallagher, and Farrel help the Polish girl, and her mother find their way through the ship, and get them in a lifeboat. I told you, I'm not going to prom. Hey! I was just using him to make Johnny crazy-jealous, but now I can make you jealous, too! of mimeographed typescript, the title page signed in pencil by Roy Ward Baker, some pages annotated in blue ballpoint pen or pencil in Baker's hand, with his notes on direction, observations and minor script changes, an addenda at the end titled New Scene for final Carpathia Sequence, an 11pp. What are you saying? (Breathing heavily) I'm getting too excited.

What did you do?

I'll wear my hair just like this. I had rigor mortis, without the mortis. Only the one burning in my heart for this sweet lady right here. No one cares what you think, Matthew. - With pneumonia, writing things down - Mom! However, according to MacQuitty, the Shaw Savill Line at the time was managed by Basil Sanderson, son of Harold Sanderson, the White Star Line's director in the U.S. at the time of the sinking. Its conclusion reflects Lord's world-historical theme of a "world changed for ever" with a fictional conversation between Lightoller and Colonel Archibald Gracie, sitting on a lifeboat.

Talk to me. Is there actually a fire? I'll tell you what this is Johnny's gonna fight you, and I'm gonna feel so special. Guess not.

Snickerdoodles are ready. I'm so happy you're in no way a threat to my baby. I thought you were different, Adam. Late that night, the SS Californian spots float ice in the distance, and tries to send a message to the Titanic. - This is so hot. [25], In addition to basing the script — both in action and dialogue — on Lord's book, the filmmakers achieved nuanced performances and authentic atmosphere by consulting several actual Titanic survivors who served as technical advisors. You will do this, or I will fight your father in front of your entire family, shaming your bloodline. But you're not. Let's ride the horses, Barry. But it's the biggest night of his life.

Back before the Internet, this was how we got away with not reading a book.

I'm in the middle of a test.

It's so off-putting and cute.

An experienced lady, huh? I'm sorry.

[1] However, it received critical acclaim and won the 1959 "Samuel Goldwyn International Award" for the UK at the Golden Globe Awards.

It really was. Sarah's body was never found.

I'm not paying for an El DeBarge.

Mm See, this is what I wanted to show you The real Adam.

We should tackle the rest of the "Rings", give the people what they want. - Go.


We got lots in common. There will be no graphic language or adult situations. How could you? - Upon landing, 12 Clydesdales will pull our bejeweled carriage to school on a path of freshly cut white roses. I said it! ?" ! Not me. - I know! Awesome news. - Really? This is about my girlfriend making ridiculous excuses. The film was at best only a modest commercial success due to its original huge budget and a relatively poor impact in America. Goodbye' Mrs. Richards. We, uh, brought you your favorite jerky and Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum soda.

Lying in my bed Hey.

Among them were Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall, and passengers Edith Russell and Lawrence Beesley. There will also be no smooching, no prolonged hugging, and no intimate horseplay.

- Strongly suggested. So you still want to go to prom? Got your jammies all warm and toasty!

Is a nerf herder scruffy-looking?

Many passengers, including Lucas, and Farrel, die of hypothermia.

I'm begging you, please! Thought maybe you'd like to check out prom with me.

You are a little freshman boy. - It's really not that cold out. I'll go call her. I'm begging you. I'll wear braids.

"[20], Producer MacQuitty had originally contracted with Shaw, Savill & Albion Line to use its former flagship QSMV Dominion Monarch to shoot scenes for the film, but the company pulled out of the production at the last minute, citing that they did not want to use one of their liners to recreate the Titanic sinking.

It's bloody awful! [18] It took a similar approach to the book, lacking dominant characters and switching between a multiplicity of scenes. Hoyle, the gambler who gets into the lifeboat on the starboard side, is a composite of several such figures, men determined to save themselves at all costs.

Four clips from the Nazi propaganda film Titanic (1943) were used in A Night to Remember; two of the ship sailing in calm waters during the day, and two of a flooding walkway in the engine room. Ha ha! The point is, this is what mamas do. recalls reading a statement from James Cameron, director of the 1997 film Titanic....he said that if he hadn't seen A Night To Remember, there never would have been Titanic. Are you kidding me?

Enjoy prom, liar. This should tide me over until Lainey comes to her senses. - Excuse me?

- I just - I don't care! The Titanic's bow submerges, and only two collapsible lifeboats are left. - Excuse me?

It was the first movie he made under a new contract with Rank to make seven films in five years at a fee of £40,000 a film.

I'm done making believe everything will be okay. Prom is dumb. He always fights for what he wants. You're right. Whatever. Look at those little pants.

Offered on 3 November in London, Two online sales bring together memorabilia from the biggest names in cricket, from Sir Geoffrey Boycott to Muttiah Muralitharan. Only one thing left to do, ask Lainey. AKA: Titanic, A Titanic éjszakája.

A Night to Remember subtitles. No.

This connection to White Star, according to MacQuitty, is what actually led the Shaw Savill Line to pull out of the film. What's going on? We are the worst! Get out! (There was still doubt about the fact she split in two when the book and film were produced. It was actually the first funnel that fell near Lightoller.[40][41][33]. It just isn't meant to be.

The Clarkes, struggling in the water, are killed by a falling funnel. As Barry won back his love, my sister's plan for an adjacent prom with Geoff was a bust. On a chalk board because you can't talk. No.
It's personal, okay? Got to admit, this is way better than some stupid dance.

They didn't fall for the ruse, though, and Yates was captured a couple of months after the sinking. These aren't my alley horses.

As my lies scored me a date, Erica was getting a prom date of her own Hey, yo, Erica.

I'll make you a deal. - And how would we do that? My secret brown bag. Kinematograph Weekly listed it as being "in the money" at the British box office in 1958. On the Titanic, the steerage passengers enjoy their time at a party in Third Class where Murphy becomes attracted to a young Polish girl, and dances with her. Finally. What strikes me most are the parallels between "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars. So bad! (Chuckles) Let me guess She's got you hooked on all those lusty Danielle Steel novels? Lucas even says the words actually spoken by Lucien Smith to his wife: "I never expected to ask you to obey me, but this is one time you must". Boarding are first class passengers Sir Richard and Lady Richard, second class passengers Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Clarke, a young newly wed couple, and steerage passengers Mr. Murphy, Mr. Gallagher and Mr. James Farrel. Go.

Oh, man.

It's not a dictionary, Pops, even though it has every word in it. I forbid you to go to prom! I'm screwed! You won't regret being my pawn, Geoffrey. One of the collapsibles is floating overturned, so Lightoller and a few more men balance on it and wait.

[27], While some events are based on true history, the characters and the storyline are fictional; the characters of Mr. Murphy, Mr. Gallagher, Mr Hoyle, and Jay Yates being composites of several men. Nowadays, it's cool to geek out, but back then, lady nerds were extremely rare in my town. " Ooh! If John can't go, I won't go either. Titanic (1979), with a stewardess asking him if he will save himself, pointing out that there would be questions that only he could answer. Let's do this, Matt Bradley! The film was a huge critical success; it was included in a Top Ten list compiled by the New York critics [though sadly due to a newspaper strike, the news was not far-reaching], it won a Golden Globe for Best English Language Film, and Roy Baker was awarded a Certificate of Merit by Picturegoer magazine [included in this lot]. The end. Oh, God. And that's what really makes a night to remember. Okay. I see what this is. 30 sets were constructed using the builders' original plans for Titanic. But his inspiring words are right. Cast List and 1p. Titanic's passengers begin to settle in for the night, while some, including Mr. Hoyle and Jay Yates stay up to gamble.

I am so frustrated with how we suck so bad at this! Movie Scripts > "A" page 15 > A Night to Remember (1958) A Night to Remember (1958) 1 [Crowd Chattering] I name this ship... Titanic. But, just like Gollum, my mom was not to be trusted.

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